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Daniel Cooper
Because fact into doubt won't go.
Because fact into doubt won't go.


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Acer's Liquid E2, is okay, but it probably needs to be cheaper. On the upside, it takes a mean picture of my in-laws pet chicken Mabel, who has now appeared in an Engadget review.

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So, yesterday I reviewed BlackBerry's Q5, which, sadly, brings the Curve's problems with none of that model's benefits.

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I saw 'Man of Steel' last weekend and decided to review it by re-writing its screenplay.

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I reviewed a phone, and I liked it... sorta.

Apparently PS4 pre-orders are outnumbering Xbone by 4-1. Straw poll: who's pre-ordering what?

Finished watching 'House of Cards' last night, and was surprised to see it's at this point that they left the cliffhanger. I wonder, therefore, if Season 2 will move much faster, as it's got to cram in (ostensibly) the final hour of House of Cards, as well as all of To Play The King and The Final Cut.

No-one's ever asked me to be a male booth babe.

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The Armando Iannucci Shows is, without a doubt, the greatest comedy of all time. Here's a clip (from the equally inadequate +Chris Davies) about inadequacy
The terror of daily life, courtesy of the hilarious Armando Iannucci.

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I'm also giving serious thought to backing this DIY Ambilight device.

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I played around with Nutrino yesterday. I like the idea, but the execution needs some work.
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