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J Mortz (vladdytrout)
Fountain pens are really groovy.
Fountain pens are really groovy.


Ask yourself, does Prometheus answer Captain Kirk's question, "What does 'god' need with a starship?"

Ok, nerds, plz recommend a good and free sprite map tile maker...

Damn...I thought the new ABC Family show, "Bunheads", was about Princess Leia fans...

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Penny: "Who's Adam West?"
Sheldon: "Who's Adam West? Leonard, what do you and Penny talk about after the coitus?"

Nerd Question o' the Day™ : "What is the U.S.S. Reliant pre-fix code?"

Robert Moog! I love the sound of analogue synths.

last night's weird dream. The basics:
an elderly woman selling her deceased husband's rolls-royce camargue. never been driven in 15 years but in great condition. also selling her silver spur because she uses a mercedes benz S class as her daily driver. her grand son is spence ulchin (patton olswalt).
From test driving the silver spur to hanging with clint eastwood as he shoots magnum 45 at young punks armed with lesser hand guns.

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I'm sad that the Dos Equis guy, the most important man in the world, was not chosen to be KHANNNNN in the "Untitled Star Trek Sequel"
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