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Apparently, this is sparta.

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Hey all,
I've build a Tool that helps you move issues between GitHub repos which, oddly, you can't do by default using the GitHub UI. Please check it out:

Also It's entirely written in Dart, both server-side and client-side. I kind of used this project to ramp up on the language and it's been an awesome-awesome experience :) Also it's hosted on AppEngine Managed VMs. If you're interested in learning about any of this stuff feel free to have a look at the GitHub repo: I've added some description of the project's code and directories.

Suggestions/Questions welcomed!

#dartlang   #appengine  

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I was very pleased to be one of 77 computer scientists that signed this amici curiae brief that the +Electronic Frontier Foundation filed with the Supreme Court, arguing that APIs should not be copyrightable.

(Plus one if you agree with this sentiment!)

The list of signatories starts on p. 38 of the PDF linked to by the page below (direct access to the PDF, if you prefer, is via

Signatories include (those for whom I could easily find a G+ account)
+vint cerf +Joshua Bloch +Dan Boneh +Eric Brewer +Rick Cattell +Will Cook +Ward Cunningham +Mark Davis +Jeff Dean (me) +Brendan Eich +Dave Farber +Stuart Feldman +Ed Felten +Martin Fowler +Miguel de Icaza +John Hennessy +Mitch Kapor +Ray Kurzweil +Ed Lazowska +Doug Lea +Barbara Liskov +martin odersky +Peter Norvig +Simon Phipps +Bill Pugh +Guido van Rossum +Bruce Schneier +Curtis Schroeder  +Barbara Simons +Dave Snigier +Alfred Spector +Bjarne Stroustrup +Brad Templeton +Michael Tiemann +Andrew Tridgell +Josh Triplett +Jeffrey Ullman +Jan Vitek +Jim Waldo +Dan Wallach +Frank Yellin 

I signed in a personal capacity, but for full disclosure: the brief relates to a lower court decision in a case of Google v. Oracle, and I am a Google employee.  However, even if I weren't a Google employee, I would have signed on to this brief, as I think copyrighting APIs would be very harmful for innovation. 

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Google+ needs a button for "I've acknowledged this post so you can stop putting it in my stream at the cost of other, more interesting stuff I haven't seen"

Too much irony in the fact I use G+ only to complain about G+, or to reshare things conveying frustration with Google. Oh, look, Google have *ANOTHER* social app, Google Now!.  Wonder how long before they EOL.

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Dear Googles:  Stop Asking

That's the search.

Interesting ... results.

I was actually looking for my own post, but turned up rather more, going back a long way.  There's simply no way Google can claim they didn't see this coming.


Stop asking this stupid $(EXPLETIVE) $(EXPLETIVE) question.

Dear Google, where is the option for "I don't want to publish any more of my personal details here, so stop asking me to 'complete my profile'"?

Dear Googles:  No, I don't want to provide yet more personal content on your properties.  Stop asking me

Dear Google: Stop asking me for my cell phone # every time I sign in. I'm NOT giving it to you!

That is all.

Dear Google: Stop asking me to enable effing Google chat. It IS enabled.

Dear google plus,
Please stop asking me to add my birthday to complete my profile.  I'm not interested in adding my birthdate (or any other question the bank may ask me to confirm my identity) to my online profile, anywhere.

Dear Google,

No you can not has my phone number. Stop. Asking.

Please stop asking me to add people back and suggesting people for me to add to my circles. You have set it up so that i can only circle 5000 people and there is no way that i can circle back everyone who has circled me. 



Dear Google, please stop asking for my mobile phone number. There is no way I'm giving that number to you.

Dear Google plus, 
Please stop asking for my phone number. That's not the type of relationship we have!!!!

Dear Google. I dont have a phone. Stop asking me to add one.

Dear Google, I am not giving you my phone number. Stop asking.

Dear Google

I would very much like it if you stopped asking me to switch to the new look. I tried it - you must be aware of that - and switched back. Every time since that you've asked me to switch, I turn you down. Why don't you take a hint? It feels like I am being stalked.

Dear google plus- stop asking me for more personal information.  You've already forced me to change my name to something more "acceptable" to you, and anything else you need you can just pick off the feed you supplied to the NSA.

Dear Google+: Stop asking me to enable Google Chat every time I visit the G+ home page. Or provide a 'Cancel and stop asking me' button.

Dear Google Plus:

I love you, but stop asking me for my birthday.  It's rude!  What's next, my weight?

Dear Google,
Can you please stop asking me to "Find friends"... i don't have any and the previous ones only ever lost me money so have reason to want to find anymore! :p

Dear Google. I am not giving you my cell number . Please stop asking.

Dear Google:
Stop annoying me about adding my phone. I already told you no. Asking if I'm sure is a little pushy. Not sure if you know this, but there are other ways to get my email.

Pings to:  +Dan Gillmor +Violet Blue +Paul Tassi 

+Google Please cease demanding for my #mobile number for #account related services ( e.g: #VanityURL ).  I don't have a mobile number, thus, I cannot provide you with one.

I don't need a mobile number to use facebook, hence, another reason to defer to facebook instead of ever using G+.

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Sand Flea is an 11-lb robot with one trick up its sleeve: Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air. An onboard stabilization system keeps it oriented during flight to improve the view from the video uplink and to control landings.

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The Country Without a Military

December 1st, 2012 marked the 64th anniversary since Costa Rica abolished its military. The budget previously dedicated to the military has since been used for security, education, and culture.

The Central American country has recently been dubbed the happiest in the world according to the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index.

Image; Costa Rican children learning non-violence. 
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