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Maybe the last one...
3 August 2015 Mo'orea Well, I'm not sure if I'll have any time to do any writing next week so I'll write this as if its my last letter. Its been absolutely fantastique serving my mission here the last two years. It still really hasn't hit me that I'm leavin...

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Lots of Pictures
27 July 2015 Moorea We went a long hike today to "the lookout of the three pines." I don't have a lot of time to write so you'll have to be content with pictures from the hike and a few others from the week - which I just realised are mostly flowers. These ...

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Good Week
20 July 2015 Mo'orea  Well, it rained...almost all week. Missionary work is tedious when it rains, well not really.  Tracting  is tedious   when it rains, and we do a whole lot of that here. Our movie night for "Meet the mormons" was a success. Our new ami ...

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Post Coming Soon for 13 July 2015
Our computer broke and I haven't been able to get to the post for last week.

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5 July 2015 Tiarei I hardly have any time to write you guys and since I'm on an American keyboard, its impossible to type quickly. I have a boat to catch to Moorea in an hour or so. I'll try to give events of the week through pictures! Oh, and I got changed...

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29 June 2015 Tiarei The camera lens doesn't quite capture the gradient colors in the sky. Well its incredible, but I got transferred for the last 5 weeks of my mission. I'm going to Moorea, Paopao. I’m pretty happy; it’ll be nice to be on an island again. M...

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Concert and Work
22 June 2015 Tiarei This week was incredible in terms of work. We were busy every day until sundown with lessons. The end of each day we were completely fried mentally and physically. We have these moments during our end of day planning where I'll stop to t...

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June 2015 Tiarei Auguste et moi I realized last week I had sent photos, but not written a
letter! This biggest thing that happened last week was Auguste's Baptism. It
was awesome, and I absolutely love this guy. He's super funny, and is always
cracking t...

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  8 June 2015 Tiarei So we had the baptism for Auguste this week! It
was AWESOME! Auguste is the one in the middle. To the left is our ward mission
leader named Frère Perry, and all the way to the left is Frère Gomis, a ward
missionary. Elder Houde is on th...

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Emille's Baptism
1 June 2015 (my birthday) Tiarei We had Emille's baptism this week, and it was really nice. IT was super early in the morning, but we still had a good turn out from the ward. He's been waiting for a long time to be able to be baptized. Emille's a papi we've...
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