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Elise Egbert
design nerd + blogger + photography lover + color obsessed. I just like pretty things. and food.
design nerd + blogger + photography lover + color obsessed. I just like pretty things. and food.


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Farewell to Elise's Pieces
This post feels all kinds of bittersweet and nostalgic. If I didn't think it would bore you all to death, I'd go through a long timeline of past blog header designs and highlights of all of my favorite posts. But, assuming you're not all as emotionally inve...

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Let's Cuddle (Cariloha Blanket Giveaway)
When I was in my 3rd year of college, I discovered THE softest blankets in THE cutest patterns at a local grocery store. (I know, a grocery store.) I wasn't necessarily a starving college student, but I didn't have a ton of spare money to be spending on ext...

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Fall Printable Bundle + #elisedoodles Random Acts of Gratitude Kit
I've been working on a secret project over the last month and today is the big reveal! (Which you already know if you follow me on Instagram, of course.) I've teamed up with The Dating Divas and 20+ other extremely talented designers to create the ULTIMATE ...

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malise love story part eight: the murder scene
We continued to spend every day together, Matt came to a wedding reception with me and met some of my best friends as well as my family, and we spent many nights staying up way past my 9:30 bedtime and silently staring into each others eyes or just talking ...

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Elise Meets World
Alternate post title: IDK, my BFF Riley? I've been watching a lot of Girl Meets World lately. It's my go-to doodle/lunch break/etc. show. I started out watching it and just missing Boy Meets World, but now I kind of love it. Because deep inside I might stil...

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oh hey
So, it's been a while. I hate that thing people do where they apologize for not blogging for a while, yet I totally feel the need to do it. But, really, I do actually want to talk about why I haven't blogged in a while. When I first started this blog, it wa...

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malise love story part six
The day after Matt kissed me, I left work early to head down to Salt Lake for a Jason Mraz concert. (Side note: If you get the chance, see Jason live. It was much more of an intimate musical experience than just an opportunity to watch him perform. SO good....

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malise love story part five: ice cream and first kisses
Oh hey there, sorry about that giant cliffhanger I left you on in part four. Spoiler alert: it all works out and we got married. Which I think you already knew.  So, I hope that cliffhanger didn't cause you too much trauma. ;) The morning after I cried myse...

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malise love story part four
On Saturday morning, I had plans to go to my favorite breakfast/brunch restaurant with my sister and cousins - but I made sure they knew that I had  to be back in time for my shooting date with Matt. (Read: at least an hour before my date because obviously ...

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This is my favorite quote from the women's session of conference. You can download the free printable here . This weekend, I will be watching the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It's genuinely my most favorite time of ...
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