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As stated in my previous post, I am good at analytical thinking - problem solving to achieve a result. I have many skills and hobbies oriented around this style of thought;  I speedcube, solving 'Rubik's Cube' as fast as possible, and have reached a persona...

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Restart, updates and more!
So I haven't posted on here in a long time (My last post was nearly a year ago!), and I decided to restart my blog, but with a different theme.  Instead of tech and cubing review-style posts, I'm going to post about me, and how I think. Compared to how othe...

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YJ GuanSu Review
Hey Guys, So Today I'm going to be reviewing the YJ GuanSu, a 4x4 by the child company of MoYu. I unboxed this cube on YouTube, so please feel free to check that out here . The YJ GuanSu is $8 on , although I bought it on ebay here , as the po...

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Argus Review
Hey Guys, Today I've got another app review, but not for a game. Argus is a life-tracking app, that I mainly use for a pedometer, but can also be used to track 

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Slack Review
Hey Guys, So if you've read my IFTTT review , you will know that lately I have been testing a free online application called Slack . Slack is a messaging service intended to be used by companies and their teams, but can be used for other things. As an examp...

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New Website!
Hey guys, So if you've been following me on twitter , you'll know the official Geek Circle Site is now up! It can be found at . It contains all links to all my latest content (youtube and blog posts), as well as other stuff about ...

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IFTTT Review
Hey Guys, So I'm sure a lot of you saw my test IFTTT post a few days ago, as I was trying out one of the functionalities of IFTTT. So - what is IFTTT? It stands for If This Then That. No, it doesn't have some sort of crazy hidden meaning - It is just an app...

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Hey Guys, This is just a test for a hopefully upcoming post about IFTTT . Keep checking up here for the latest in geek!

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Mazecraft Review
Hey Guys, So today, I'm reviewing another free mobile app, but this
one’s a bit different. Mazecraft is, as the name would suggest, a maze building
game. You build mazes, share them, and play other people’s mazes. You can
collect coins in people’s mazes, an...

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Moyu LingPo 2x2 Review
Hey Guys, Sorry that I've not posted recently, but I've been very busy working on the new Geek Circle website that should be up soon. If you want to check that out, you can download the latest release here . I've recently had the Stickerless M oyu LingPo de...
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