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The path to the B&B in Patterdale.
The C2C goes through Patterdale and turns left past the White Lion Inn. The path continues towards the wooded patch with the trails heading southeast.
Crookey Cottage is on the road heading south just before the wooded patch´╗┐
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I have been taking my cats to Sherman Oak Vets since I moved to Sherman Oaks in the early nineties. I originally took them there because the were the closest vet I could find. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I discovered an efficient and superior Veterinary Hospital.. Whenever I have taken one of my pets in they have always immediately greeted me in a cheerful manner. It is easy to get in to see a vet. Every vet I have dealt with there has been friendly and competent. When I have had issues that Sherman Oaks vet was unequipped to handle they have immediately refereed me to the appropriate specialist.
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Excellent Fresh Roasted Coffee. This is a great source of free trade coffee roasted in small batches on site. Denise makes a fine consistent roast of many different beans.
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This is as close to a neighborhood Japanese sushi bar as you can come. Toshi works by himself carefully preparing and serving traditional sushi. The ambiance is comfortable and the patrons are all friendly. This is the kind of place that quickly feels like home.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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