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"You'll get safety training, basic instruction, a joke or two, and serious fun."
"Great all around gun range."
"...range fees (which members don't pay) are affordable on any budget."
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Christopher ____'s profile photo
Christopher ____
3 months ago
The range itself is decent, nothing fancy but it works. You can shoot pretty much whatever you want which is a huge plus. So, after going a few times I thought, hey.. Why not just join? So I asked about the pricing for membership, everything was presented nicely and attractively until I said okay I'll join. The guy goes, oh well we have to know you before you can join. I'm standing there thinking, oh, well okay I've had similar things at other ranges where you need to participate in some cleaning sessions or go to a meeting etc. So I ask when/if they decide that they "know" me, if all the visits I've spent trying to win their approval would count towards the membership, I mean, I am laying out about $200 bucks for the membership and that would quickly total up trying to get someone to "know' you. So the guy says no, and that really pissed me off. Because let's face it, they will get about $150+ out of me to win their approval, then, I'll be subjected to the real membership fee, which all together doesn't make it an attractive option for me. So I'll just suck it up and drive to a better range with no penalties for trying to join. Aside from that, the fact that you can shoot pretty much whatever you want and it's like 1 of 2 remotely close to downtown Philadelphia are attractive. Also, you're free to bring your own ammo, which when you shoot pretty regularly the average markup price can really eat away at your wallet. So I liked that. Other then that, there's not too much to say, it's small but clean and it works. If the membership requirements were a little less vague I would recommend it.
• • •
Jon Gifford's profile photo
Jon Gifford
4 months ago
Cleanest range in Philly. New tile and fixtures in the bathrooms. This place is way nicer than Collosimo's. The stairs and the sign are the only holdovers. Here you'll find friendly, helpful staff of varying ages. Plenty of younger people, but also lots of experience here. You can shoot pretty much anything; backstops are rock solid. I'm a member here and at Firing Line. Very different places, which cater to very different crowds. The majority of Firing Line customers tend to be older, more experienced shooters, first responders, etc. I love the place (it's a longer range), and the folks there (who are awesome), but it's not really a spot for date night. This place is. Here you get a funny mix of young professional types, law enforcement/ military (the FOP is right down the street), and total randoms. Good spot for the people watching alone. If you've had a bad experience at this place, it's almost certainly because you're very, very ignorant and it was showing. From the owner on down, the guys and girls who work here are kinder, more polite, and far more patient than at any other range I've been to in the city. They'll take especially good care of you if you're a first-time shooter. They genuinely want repeat business and act accordingly. You'll learn what you need to know without being made to feel like an idiot or having to deal with the too cool for school/ wannabe tough guy attitudes you'll find at some other places. I see them with couples and they really make learning to shoot together great. You'll get safety training, basic instruction, a joke or two, and serious fun. Even if you have plenty of experience, you'll find this an enjoyable indoor range. This is right around the corner from my office and I visit at least once a week. Plenty of young people here on the weekends, and always lots of interesting guns. The people who work here are gun guys; genuine enthusiasts. Not something you can say at every range or shop. Non-members are made to feel welcome, and range fees (which members don't pay) are affordable on any budget.
• • •
Sir Arnold's profile photo
Sir Arnold
6 months ago
The staff was very friendly and I had an enjoyable time, seemed kinda small though. At other gun ranges I have been to the staff always seemed disgruntled and a bit racist.
David Redenbaugh's profile photo
David Redenbaugh
6 months ago
Great staff. Great range.
Christina Poremny
3 months ago
We got the Groupon "deal" and tried to go about 2 hours before closing and they turned us away because they said it wouldn't be enough time. When we finally went it was only like an hour we were there. To use the Groupon you have to go at least 2 hours before closing, which the Groupon doesn't say. I called later in the week to double check with the times for when we tried again and spoke with Yuri. He was awesome and told me to ask for him when we went up the next day. We got there and some women was working the front desk and told her I was to ask for Yuri and she was extremely rude and brushed me off. She basically pushed us onto the range. I didn't get to talk to him like he told me too. She just kept asking me well why ?? So needless to say I will not be going back there. I feel bad for my boyfriend whom I bought this for to celebrate valentines day. The instructer and talking to Yuri were the only things that were nice about the people there.
• • •
Andrij Harasewych's profile photo
Andrij Harasewych
6 months ago
Safe, cheap, easy to get to. Love going out shooting with my father (and sometimes when I can drag out a friend or two). Also, quite friendly and helpful staff as well (I've been to ranges before that if you don't look like a hunter or gun nut, you are treated like garbage - hence why many gun ranges and gun stores slowly go out of business) - hopefully this one is here to stay. Casual shooters welcome.
Bee jones's profile photo
Bee jones
10 months ago
you can use your own ammo. the staff are pretty friendly. the membership rate are good. great all around gun range.
Alex Proektor's profile photo
Alex Proektor
a year ago
The groupon rate is not a deal. In fact it's cheaper to go shoot elsewhere. $100 for an hour for two? I can get regular priced shooting elsewhere for half of that for two people. I can't believe over 300 people bought this crap. There's tons of ranges in Philly for half price don't be fooled