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Although I have not figured out why the address on our splash page hasn't updated.  We are now located at 68 East 131st Street, Suite 402, NYC, NY 10037.  The phone number and email remain the same

Starting on Tuesday March 22nd, 2016 we will be at our new location.  So please update your address books.

Peekamoose Custom Guitars, LLC
68 East 131st Street, Suite 402
New York, NY 10036

We are about 5 blocks from both the east and west side subways.  The 125th Street Metro North Station also right there.

The building on 30th Street was sold to a developer that plans to gut the buildings as leases expire and convert the building to Luxury Commercial Real Estate.  So within the next three to five years there will little or no music businesses in that building.

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My Cousin Coco and her husband Teut.  The Punk Rock Band called The Fever are on a US Tour over from Berlin. Look for them on the web and Facebook.  Satire and great music in one beautiful package regardless of your gender preference.  The Fever does not discriminate and neither should you.  We are all allegedly grown ups.

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OK it's off topic but my Cousin Coco and her husband Teut have a Punk Band in Berlin called.......   The Fever

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Finally Got Del's early '60's ES-125 rebuild done. Back was off, had to re-do the bracing, re-set the back, rebind the back, re-shoot the back and sides, Plek/setup. Now it's rock solid and won't blow up for another 40 some odd years

It's hard being gentle with guys who are freaking out over some minor cosmetic issue on a very expensive historic reissue model. Most of these owners have no true frame of reference regarding what the manufacturer deems accurate/appropriate/acceptable/normal. 

We as the authorized warranty service centers have to do our best to get owners dialed in as quickly as possible. I know sometimes I cut to the chase very rapidly. Faster than the owner may be expecting. 

But in the long run it's better to provide the truth in the context of what the manufacturers consider normal. It does no good to tell a client what they want to hear if there is no basis in truth behind it. Sometimes tough love is the best path. But it's never easy to deliver that message when a client's angst meter is running high.

98% of the time clients feel better about what they spent a lot of money on once they understand what the manufacturer's expectation is. And they are also brought to understand that a manufacturer's production methods are sound, and are delivering a historically correct representation of what was the norm for whatever year the reissue model represents.

Thankfully most of the major manufacturers do a good job standing behind their products and allow us to do whatever is needed in the rare occasions an instrument has a defect.

Fortunately the moments of expensive guitar cosmetic freak outs are few and far between allowing us to focus on making instruments play better and perform in a very reliable manner.

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