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Shawn Lynch
Traveler, Eater, Drinker, New Yorker.
Traveler, Eater, Drinker, New Yorker.

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30 Days in NYC (Day 12)
 For the 12th day of our month in New York, it's back to Brooklyn for a chance to walk through some of the most handsome, historic, and charming neighborhoods in the city. These days, the neighborhoods south of Atlantic Avenue from Brooklyn Heights have a p...

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30 Days in NYC (Day 11)
     One of the most challenging facets of life in New York is the way the sand shifts under your feet constantly. Just as the desert dunes change place with the wind, neighborhoods in New York are constantly in flux. Where once was factories is now galleri...

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30 Days in NYC (Day 10)
     If one were really taking a month long trip to New York City, there might be a moment or two when the crazy big city would start to grate a little. Ask any of us who live here how crazy the city can make you sometimes. So I figure it would be a good id...

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The Best Month to Visit NYC
What's the best time to come visit New York? It's a question fraught with variables. What are the crowds like? What is the traffic like? What's the weather like? And while any guidebook can provide some basics about average temperature, precipitation, and p...

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30 Days in NYC (Day 9)
     Day 9 is all about one of the greatest treasures in New York City, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It would take weeks just to fully explore the museum. The figures are staggering. The museum's front stretches along for five blocks of 5th Avenue. Insid...

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30 Days in NYC (Day 8)
   For many years Queens was seen as the everyman, middle-class borough of New York City. It was seen as not only lacking Manhattan's glitz, but also lacking The Bronx's grittiness, Brooklyn's creativity, or even Staten Island or New Jersey's ' we get no re...

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New York Reading List - The Great Bridge
   The Great Bridge  by David McCollough is one of those wonderful pieces of non-fiction where a great historical event is rendered into such a irresistible narrative that the pages fly through your hand. The project to link Manhattan to Brooklyn for the fi...

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Broadway Alternatives: The Apollo Theater
There are a few music venues that have come to ecapsulate what American music is and what it sounds like. The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville has defined country music for generations. The Fillmore in San Francisco made 60s flower power and rock n' roll an Amer...

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30 Days in NYC (Day 7)
  There are cities all over the world known for their beaches. Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Honolulu, Barcelona, Miami, Los Angeles, and others are cities where the beach is to focus of life and culture. But do you ever think of the beach when you think of New Y...

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Broadway Alternatives - Rockwood Music Hall
   Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side is a fantastic small music space and makes for a great casual evening out. There's a ton of great music venues in New York for independent music. But unless you are an expert in the local NYC music scene, it's h...
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