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Michelle Allen
Software Developer by day, Gadget Lover by night.
Software Developer by day, Gadget Lover by night.


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Very interesting infographic, especially with the things related to Wednesday being ladies' night. Slightly less periods on Wednesday, more people getting drunk and laid and less people complaining about it sucking as well.

Well, it seems spammers have already made it onto Google+. Just had one add me to their circles.

I am now 26 years old. :D

It seems Google+ suffers from one of the same issues Facebook did. Anyone can edit any of their comments without any indication. For example; if someone posted something I agreed with, I +1'd it and commented that I agreed. They then went and changed it to something completely offensive, it would appear as if I agreed with it.

This needs to be fixed QUICK!

So why doesn't Google+ interface with Youtube for video? Wouldn't that make a lot more sense than uploading them separately?

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Well, this is interesting...
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