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Scott Lee Williams
Writer, dreamer, weirdo.
Writer, dreamer, weirdo.

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Who Else Is Gonna See Me Naked?
We get home from our epic bike ride, red-skinned and exhausted. "I'm going to have to wear a long-sleeved shirt," I say to Katie as I examine my "farmer's tan" with interest. "To cover up this ridiculous burn." "From who?" Katie asks incredulously. ------...

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Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time
I lift the bike off the rack, only to feel the middle of my back seize up. I set it down gently, but I must be making a face, because Katie asks me what's up, and insists I take a couple of aspirin.  Later, after we bicker about some inconsequential nonsens...

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Hadn't Thought Of It That Way
"So of course I told her I'd look after her dog while I sat on the stoop with Coco," I tell Katie. "And while she ran in to get her bagels, I decided to take my shirt off, to maybe even out my ridiculous farmer's tan." "But then Coco got hot, so I let her i...

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Curse and Cure
"You have to really push," our friend says, and so I dutifully shove the tab of the seatbelt in. The sun is pouring through her open sun roof, and I can feel it tingling on my skin like I'm some kind of vampire. When we arrive at Ikea, though, the finicky s...

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At the Library
I run my eyes over the spines, searching each font, each design choice (blocky, emotional letters or finely chiseled, reserved serifs? plain, workmanlike matte finishes, or brash, multicolored gloss?) for that special something. I used to do this when I was...

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Warm Up for Dog Days
The thick, sticky heat only seems to increase as the day goes on, and even a quick detour through the spray from an opened fire hydrant does little to cool our bike ride home. We dart in and out of traffic around trucks parked in the bike lanes manned by a ...

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Remember Pogs?
"Man, spinners are totally played out," one of the street fair vendors says to another, and from the look of things he's right. We've certainly reached a saturation point with them: almost every tent had a table of the little trilobed plastic things with a ...

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Or Were You Just Making Conversation?
The apocalyptic downpour that came through about two hours ago seems to have worn itself out to a drizzle, and I walk back from dropping off compost at the farmer's market with the hood of my rain jacket down, letting the water pelt me as it will. On my way...

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Something Fishy
After coming home from dinner, both of us punch drunk from the week we've had , Katie stands on the bottom step of the stair waiting for her customary kiss before going upstairs. Instead of kissing her, though, I open my mouth and put it over her entire nos...

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Hearing Things (Exhaustion Edition)
After dinner, I start awake on the couch with the YouTube video we put on still playing, and Katie attempting to stagger to her feet. "Going to bed...I'm going to bed," she mumbles, stumbling toward the back of the house. Later, when I come out of the bathr...
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