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Robert Sprague
Freedom writer....making a spark for a nation facing the dark..
Freedom writer....making a spark for a nation facing the dark..

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Wow....the new photo uploader here on Google+ is garbage. And what a shitty new layout. Looks like I'm heading back to FB.

Oh hey Google+...I kinda forgot about it for a while. Looks like it's not as barren a wasteland as before. :)

So I've been neglecting Google plus...but the clusterfuck of changes to Facebook reminds me of why I prefer this interface so much more.

So I'm bruisin' egos, cruisin' below the surface/refusin' to be sold in this circus of worthless emcees cloned and shirtless/empty shell of a person/MTV sell outs immersed in "The Truman Show"/but I'm more human than human though/provoking discourse in students to folks just searching for improvement cause hope is more than a campaign slogan/in a world at war, a planet in flames and smoldering the people are demanding a change so I'll be damned if I remain close-lipped, outspoken?/Maybe, but blind devotion is crazy and idiotic as the notion that questioning ones government is unpatriotic/learn how the West was won, shaped then rotted after Native Americans were raped and slaughtered/spend my days as a lion on the run facing toxic, front page psy-ops shit blinding your optics like lasers shined inta cockpits...

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ROFL!! Kangaroos are assholes!

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I'm now hooked on "Weeds"...damn you Netflix!

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I'm just trying ta find some peace of mind, I'm just trying ta find some peace in my lifetime/I write rhymes for like minds and even those at the opposite end of the spectrum/people need something ta believe in, dreams & hopes/some sense of accomplishment and direction/the confidence ta take that next step when all sorts of nonsense has been embedded in their subconscious like "Inception"/in debt from cradle to sarcophagus/working like slaves through this manifestation of that Fritz Lang film "Metropolis" but never question the reasons why/instead we stress ends on an endless quest for a piece of the pie/living in distress, content ta believe any lie/they speak, you comply/I'm guessing that's why so few reach for the sky..

Texas Hold 'Em tonight at my's been too long!
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