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David Cronnin
My passion is helping people like you find their dream home.
My passion is helping people like you find their dream home.

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The Best of Google+ Real Estate Articles in February
There have been some awesome real estate articles shared to Google Plus this month. If you only have time to read a few, make sure it's these!

This month's round-up features articles from +Janis Borgueta +Xavier De Buck +Ferris Property Group +Joe Manausa +Kyle Hiscock +Teresa Cowart +Sylvie Zolezzi +Jeff Knox +Lee Davenport +Paul Sian and me. Thanks +Debbie Drummond for this collection of awesome real estate articles! 

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I get asked a lot of questions in regards to home inspections. In this post, I’m answering the top 5 home inspections questions that I’m asked by home buyers.

You'll find answers to the following questions:
-How much does a home inspection cost and who pays for it?
-What’s included in a home inspection?
-What’s not included or inspected during a home inspection?
-What should I look for when choosing an inspector?
-Should I, as the buyer, attend the home inspection?

You'll also find helpful resources from +Lynn Pineda (featuring +Mike Chamberlain of +MC2 Home Inspections) +Kyle Hiscock and +Bill Gassett.

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Top 7 Home Maintenance Articles
The only way to keep a house in great condition is by performing regular maintenance. +David R. Millar has put together a list of the best home maintenance articles. The guidance in these articles will help you keep your house in tip-top shape.

The list features articles from +Teresa Cowart +HouseHunt +Karen Highland +Raleigh Realty +Ryan Fitzgerald +Barbara Bottitta +Nathan Garrett and myself. 

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Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow which means an early spring. Let's hope he's right! :) 

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One easy way to make your house feel like a home is by adding houseplants. Aside from adding beauty and dimension to your space, plants have a lot of other benefits.

Here are 5 incredibly easy houseplants to grow. No green thumb required! 

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These are the best winter real estate articles! If you're buying or selling a home this winter, you've gotta read these! 
20 Best Winter Real Estate Articles for Buyers and Sellers
We have rounded up some great articles from respected real estate agents and mortgage lenders from around the country

If you are hoping to sell your home we have several ideas to boost winter curb appeal. We also present detailed information for staging a home in the winter months in order to make a good impression. If you are on the fence about selling a home now or waiting until the spring, you may be surprised by the information that favors listing a property in the winter.

For those of you that are buying a home we have timely information for you as well. There is one article aimed at winterizing a home to prevent damage during the long months of rain and snow. There is also a checklist of common maintenance items that most homeowners can do to keep their property in good condition.

Below you will find a list of articles and their respective author that I have included:

How to Sell a Home in The Winter via +Bill Gassett 
Five Reasons to Sell Your Home in Winter via +Karen Highland 
How To Winterize Your Home via +Kyle Hiscock 
Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter via +Paul Sian 
17 Free and Inexpensive Ways to Stage Your Home in Winter via +Ferris Property Group 
Top 10 Blogs To Help You Survive The Winter via +David R. Millar 
Selling Your Home In The Winter Can Be Very Smart! via +Wendy Weir 
Winter is Coming! Winter Home Maintenance Checklist via +David Cronnin 
Winter May be the Best Time of Year to Buy a House via +Dan Seim 
Tips to Make Your Home Holiday Ready via +June Seebohm 
Top Tips for Winterizing a Vacant Home via +RISMedia 
Four Great Reasons to Sell Your House in the Winter via +Matt Minor Should You Wait For Spring to Sell Your Home? 12 Real Estate Pros Weigh in! via +Ryan Fitzgerald of +Raleigh Realty 
Real Estate Round-Up: The Best Winter Home Selling Articles via +David Cronnin 
6 Reasons to NOT Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Home via +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor 
Should I List My Home in January or Wait Until Spring via +Bill Gassett 
Should I Sell My Home During The Holidays via +Bill Gassett 
Ask the Expert: Selling Your Home in Winter? Try These Tips! via 
8 Winter Tips for Homeowners [Infographic] via +Nathan Garrett 
The ULTIMATE Guide to Winter Curb Appeal via +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison 

Check out the full list here:

If you found this list helpful, please consider socially sharing!

#RealEstate   #MortgageUpdated

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6 Smart Steps for Hiring a Contractor
Finding and hiring a contractor can be intimidating and stressful. How do you know that who you choose will show up, do a quality job, and charge a fair price? Follow these steps to ensure you choose a trustworthy contractor who will do a great job.

This article also includes helpful resources from Houselogic, +MC2 Home Inspections, +Michael Roberts Construction, llc, and +Paul Sian.

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Outstanding Articles To Assist In Selling Your Home

+David R. Millar has put together this article full of resources and information that will help you get your home ready to sell, choose when to sell it, get great offers, and eventually move on to the next chapter in your life.

This article includes resources from real estate pros +Lynn Pineda +HomeZada +Teresa Boardman +Angela Duong +Janis Borgueta +Nathan Garrett +Jeff Knox +Paul Sian +Anita Clark +RISMedia and others. 

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Do you love real estate? Are you interested in learning more about real estate? Do you want great information on buying, selling, renting, homeownership, or mortgages? These are the blogs to follow!

2016 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs include:

+Bill Gassett +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock +Debbie Drummond +Ryan Fitzgerald +Paul Sian +Jeff Knox +Andrew Fortune +Jack Otto +Anita Clark +Karen Highland +Teresa Cowart +Kathy Clulow - RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc +Luke Skar +Xavier De Buck +Wendy Weir +Nathan Garrett +David O'Doherty +Janis Borgueta +Angela Duong +Tina Israelson +Teresa Boardman +Dan Miller +Joe Manausa +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™ +Easy Agent Pro +RISMedia +Mark Ferguson +Seth Williams +BiggerPockets +Tom Ferry +Dean Ouellette and your's truly! 

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Sell Your House Now or Wait Until Spring?
Is January a good time to sell a house? Is it better to wait until spring?

There's no right or wrong answer, it truly depends on individual circumstances. +Bill Gassett put together an excellent article to help you decide if January is the right time for you to sell your house.

Also included are great resources from +Ryan Fitzgerald +Kyle Hiscock +Luke Skar +RISMedia & more!

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