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Brisbane - Gold Coast Hinterland - Day 1
Australia is an interesting place. Due to the sheer size of the country, it has areas having totally different climate from each other. The southern states (Victoria, New South Wales etc.) have predominantly temperate climates. The northern and western stat...

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Holi Mela in Paonta Sahib
My blog's name - Reminiscences - also means Chronicles, Memoirs, Anecdotes and many more sophisticated words. The synonym that resonates to me the most is - Memories. Whenever I start writing here, these reminiscences always take me down the memory lane. Th...

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Manukau Heads Lighthouse - Auckland
Auckland  is the largest city in New Zealand. It has an uncanny distinction of being one of the very few cities in the world having harbours on two large oceans namely Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean . These two oceans are divided by the Auckland isthmus. The ...

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Sydney Diaries - Parramatta River Ferry Cruise
The New Year’s
Day is a holiday in Australia and New Zealand. After watching “once in a
lifetime” awesome fireworks at the Sydney Harbour , it was time to relax and
wake up late in the morning. Moreover being a public holiday in Australia, it
was even more ...

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Pacific Coast Highway - Napier - Blue Spring
Napier and Hastings are the largest twin cities in Hawke’s Bay. They both enjoy higher
amount of sunshine and warmer climates as compared to other places in New
Zealand. Consequently a lot of fruit is produced in the region. The vineyards
are also very abun...

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Sydney Diaries - New Years Eve 2016
Sydney is famous for its New Year’s Eve celebration. This can be easily gauged from the fact that tourists from all over Australia and the world come there to witness the impressive fireworks every year. I also had seen the fireworks and celebrations many t...

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Pacific Coast Highway - East Cape Lighthouse
The East Cape is a sparsely populated part of New Zealand’s north island. Also it is the easternmost point of New Zealand and is uniquely beautiful. The fact that this region sees the first sunrise in the world makes it even more intriguing. Because of this...

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Sydney Diaries - Waverley to Bondi Walk
Visiting a new city is always an exciting prospect. More so when one has been thinking to do it for a long time. While trying to collate information about to do things in Sydney, I got reminded of a picturesque cemetery which I had seen on a TV show. The on...

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