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Good Morning! friends! Fancy a spring clean for your teeth? We are giving away a teeth clean including cosmetic stain removal delivered by our lovely hygienist @lisacarnaby followed by teeth whitening treatment for FREE!
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Read some of our latest 5* reviews! Thank you to all of our lovely clients!
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RT @whatlauraloves: OMG my temporary #veneers are on. Thank you SO much @ewanthedentist! Cant wait to get the proper ones on now. My experience part 1: #dentist

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Is your little one something of a night owl? Their teeth could be in danger

Does your child like to go to bed late? Do they often stay up past their bedtime and wake up a lot through the night?

If the answer is yes, new research unveiled by the International Journal of Hygiene says children who go to bed later are up to a whopping four times more likely to suffer from the dreaded tooth decay.

The new stats make worrying reading for mums and dads, as adolescents who like to stay up late have a significantly higher risk of tooth decay than children who go to bed on time.

The researchers involved in the study have put this down to the fact that late sleepers are more likely to forget to brush their teeth before they go to bed and also skip their breakfast in the morning resulting in, yeah you guessed it, lots of snacking on sugary foods throughout the day.

In the wake of these new findings, Doctor Ewan Bramley, of leading Newcastle dentist Ewan Bramley Dental Care, is urging parents to make sure their kids come to grips with the importance of brushing before bed time and understand the high risk of tooth decay if they and their children don’t take oral health seriously.

He said: “There is a danger children aren’t brushing their teeth regularly if parents go to bed before their kids. If children don’t brush their teeth research suggests that they’ll also sleep in longer and fall victim to an irregular eating pattern.

“Remember, poor dental hygiene can seriously affect their relationships, their ability to communicate and of course, it can have a big impact on their general health.

“Parents really must come to terms with the oral health routine and habits of their children, and must attempt to inform them about the importance of brushing properly before bed time and eating properly throughout the day, starting with breakfast.”

Tooth decay can occur when tooth enamel becomes soft through an acid attack after we drink and eat products that have a high sugar content.

And, over time this acid can create holes (cavities) and this nearly always results in a tooth having to be filled or in the worst-case scenario it may have to be removed.

Dental decay can creep up on you, but if you visit a dentist regularly they’ll be to identify problems early and advise you on how to keep on top of your oral health.

If you’re concerned about your child’s oral health Ewan Bramley Dental Care is always on hand to offer you advice.

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Private Dentist Tyne and Wear: Introducing Ewan Bramley Dental Care

Are you searching for a first class private dentist Tyne and Wear? Would you like affordable and modern dental care with one of the region’s most respected practices? Say hello to Ewan Bramley Dental Care.

Located on the stunning North Shields Fish Quay at our state-of-the-art, ultra-modern facility, we’ve helped hundreds of clients get the smile of their dreams. And remember, to get the perfect smile, you don’t have to be a celebrity. With flexible payment plans to suit all budgets and a full range of cosmetic and family dentistry available – including teeth whitening, dental implants, discreet braces and general dentistry – you’re in safe hands with us.

Helmed by our very own Dr Ewan Bramley, who launched the venture in 2009, our goal is simple; to provide our patients with the very best.

We pride ourselves on embracing new and contemporary approaches to dentistry, and, thanks to our highly customer focused approach, we can provide you with quality care tailored to you and your family’s needs. Rest assured, we’ll listen to your situation and will provide you with a full list of treatment options for you to consider. We believe that a visit to the dentist should be an enjoyable one, and we trust that our team of friendly dental professionals and spa-like facilities will make this a reality.

We also understand that many people are anxious and nervous about getting into the dental chair, but thanks to our revolutionary NuCalm treatment and understanding approach, we believe that we’ve created an environment for people from all walks of life to benefit from.

Private Dentist Tyne and Wear

Let’s take a look at just three of our most popular treatments for you to consider…

Discreet Braces

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth and you’re embarrassed to smile, our practically indivisible discreet braces drive dramatic results for both children and adults alike. Extremely comfortable to wear with no friction on the gums, our discreet braces can be created and fitted for you from as little as £500 and, thanks to a little help from teeth whitening, can give you straight white teeth in as little as 6 months!

General Dentistry

Combined with outstanding patient care, Ewan Bramley Dental Care, a private dentist in Tyne and Wear, can offer your family the complete package from routine procedures to general dentistry services.

Our general dentistry offer is designed to help people of all ages maintain and achieve healthy teeth and gums to make sure you all smile with total confidence and pride.

Dental Implants

If you have one or several missing teeth and you’re having difficulty chewing and enjoying your favourite foods, or you have painful and loose dentures, then dental implants provide the ultimate long term solution.

Dental implants, and the replacement artificial tooth that is placed on top of them, will perform and look just like a real tooth.

If you look after them properly, they should last a lifetime and once they’ve been fitted, you can crack on with life as normal the very next day.

For information about Ewan Bramley Dental Care and your private dentist tyne and wear, our dental fees and finance and our services visit

Want to get in touch? No problem. Let’s have a chat about your options. Call us on 0191 259 6506. 

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How to keep your teeth healthy during the last of the summer days...

We may be dipping our toes tentatively into Autumn with the first days of September already upon us, but it looks like we may yet have a few hot and sunny days to enjoy before the leaves fall.

With the weather forecasters predicting another few weeks worth of sunshine and high temperatures you’d be forgiven for trying to wring as much fun out of the days and nights whilst you can with as many summery treats as you can find. Although summery treats are all well and good in moderation, partaking in too many can have a strongly negative effect on your teeth and your oral hygiene in general.

Obviously, it would be wrong of us to suggest that you cut out all ice lollies or al fresco drinks, no matter how much the effects would please us dentist here at Ewan Bramley Dental Care under pressure. There are however some simple steps that you can take to help deal with the effects of certain summer snacks and goodies.

Ice cream

Everybody loves ice cream, but it’s just as well that we don’t eat it all year round as it’s packed with sugar. As well as the actual ice cream, though, we must consider the sugar content of the cone as well as any sauces or toppings that you can choose from. If you can resist it’s definitely best, in the long run, to enjoy your ice cream without optional extras (that includes a flake), but you should definitely buy a mouthwash with higher fluoride content and gargle with it as soon as possible. The sugar used to sweeten ice cream can cause a build up of plaque in the crevices of your teeth, something that can prove catastrophic further down the line.


British tradition states that as soon as the first rays of Summer hit somewhere around 90% of the population hotfoot it to the nearest beer garden. Aside from the damage to your liver and general health, however, you should try to keep in mind the damage that certain drinks can do to your teeth and choose your tipple discerningly. Fruity cocktails can be particularly bad for your teeth as they contain extra large amounts of fructose and glucose sugars as well as harmful acids that can damage the delicate balance of your mouth. Try and follow each cocktail with a glass of water to rinse away the worst of the sugars and acids. If cider is your preferred drink then try drinking it through a straw, as each glass contains up to five teaspoons of sugar. Beer is a better alternative for your teeth as it far less sweet and sugary.

Iced drinks

Iced caffeinated drinks such as Frappuccinos have become increasingly popular over the last few years, as the cafe culture of the UK has grown. Whilst these may seem like a refreshing change to the usual teas and coffees, the reality is that they can do a lot of damage if drank too regularly and without due care. Each Frappucino or similar contains over double the recommended daily sugar allowance of the average person.

Put simply, drinking a Frappucino is the same as drinking a litre of fizzy drink in one go, something few of us ever does. Rinsing your mouth with water after an iced drink will help to neutralise any acids and wash away excess sugars, but an even better way to combat decay is to chew sugar-free gum immediately after drinking. Chewing gum increases saliva, which provides a vital barrier against harmful substances. It’s also worth asking for a version of the drink with less sugar, as most cafe chains provide a ‘light’ option for the sugar conscious.

So, there you have it. Follow these simple steps and your teeth will stay healthy long into the Autumn!

For more dental news, hints and tips visit

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