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I play the PC version but I'm going to speak on the behalf of console gamers regarding this... TLDR, bring mods to console players.

Is this something that Bethesda and Microsoft/Sony could bring over to the console versions of Skyrim and future Elder Scrolls releases? I see potential revenue for the mod developers, game studio, and manufacturers if some kind of mod engine and market could be developed for console users to download mods for their games. Of course some of the mods which need more resources wouldn't be a possibility for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players. If there is a new version of Skyrim for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the opportunity for more mods is possible. The mod developers should still have the option of charging what they would like for their work, something like 80/10/10 would be the way those purchases would be split between the mod author, the creator of the mod engine, and the host of the servers. Make it like the Nexus for the console. All mod authors have the option of making their work available for free and no proceeds would go to the host of the servers. In theory enough money would be made to pay for the upkeep through purchased mods that free mods would be available.

Matt Armstrong

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I'm not exactly sure where to post this, general discussion seemed like the best place to post this.

Today I was thinking just how much potential Trebuchet launcher has with custom firmware like CyanogenMod. I honestly think it could replace third party launchers such as Nova and Apex, and it could give users more incentive over other custom firmware to run CM on their device.

While browsing XDA in the Epic 4G Touch section I found a user who was asking for help because he/she had accidentally deleted the app drawer icon and could not access any apps. With Nova or Apex you could simply hold the home screen and add an activity or shortcut or restore settings that have been backed up but Trebuchet does not have this option.

Here's the thread on XDA,

I would really love to see more features added in the future, if anyone has any input or ideas to add to this feel free to comment. Hopefully this can get enough attention to make CM a better overall experience for everyone.
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It may have honestly been something simple like having more than one dock page and the icon was lost on another dock, on a home screen, or it just plain vanished and would come back after a reboot. It would still be nice to see more features added to the launcher. I lost all faith in the Nova developers when they started taking features that were free for the longest time and making them require the paid version of the app.
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Matt Armstrong

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I would love to see this available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5110, please and thank you to the developers behind this project. 
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I created a thread on XDA to inform other potential users of this new ROM for our device. Feel free to look at it and I can make any edits you would like.
PixelROM for the N5110
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Matt Armstrong

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What's going to happen to existing devices that are currently supported by CyanogenMod in the future now that Cyanogen has become a company and everything that has unfolded recently?

Are we going to be left out in the cold and forgotten? Will we have the exact same features that would be available on the Oppo N1?
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If there is really a deal with Oppo we can only assume Cyanogen Inc main devs will be targeting that specific hardware or at least with a higher priority than other devices, even popular ones that would be Oppo's competitors.
Also I think some of the developers that contributed for pure personal reasons will be a more hesitant to collaborate with a team that may be reusing their work for their own profit or for private companies backing them...

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Matt Armstrong

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Any chance of an app for slim wallpapers kinda like CM has in their ROM? I would really love to see more slim backgrounds.
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