Connect to Google products and services by adding these Google Community Managers to a circle:

Lots of information & updates on their profiles but of course also posts about their life and interests.

+Yonatan Zunger Chief architect, fingers in many pies
+Sky Bintliff CM for Google+ Mobile & Events
+Brian Matiash CM for Google Photos
+Amit Fulay CM for Hangouts
+Brian Rose  CM at Niantic Labs working on +Field Trip  and +Ingress 

+Dori Storbeck  CM for Hangouts/Chat
+Jade Wang   CM for Google+ Local
+Carolyn Wendell  CM for Gmail
+Katherine Gramann  CM for Calendar

+Paul Wilcox  CM for Mobile / Android
+Tina Patel  CM for Google Play
+Jacky Hayward  CM for Chrome
+Melissa Daniels  CM for Chrome OS

+Gerard Sanz  CM for Panoramio
+Nicole Drobeck  CM for 3D 
  CM for Drive?

+Lisa Ding  CM for Blogger
+Sarah Price  CM for Project Glass
+Daniel Mabasa  +Abby DeBellis  CM for Maps
+Keane Ng CM for YouTube

+Meera L  CM for Apps
+Kevin Lau  CM for Google TV
+Matt Bariletti  CM for Hangouts / Google Voice
+Jessica Schwartz   & +Kousha Navidar  - CMs for Web Search

+Bernardo Barlach   CM for Orkut

And the lovely lady to rule them all  :-)
+Natalie Villalobos  CM for Google+ and Communities

Why not a circle?

I didn't put them in a circle because the people dealing with products change, not all want to circle all etc.
If you save the link to this post in your profile links section for instance, it will get an update of the content always automatically, a circle won't. :-)

People have been asking about the photo:

This part of the team is waiting for the thumbs up to share some nice posts about new Google+ features to us.
The tall one is +Yonatan Zunger  and the smaller ones next to +Natalie Villalobos in the middle are +Sky Bintliff  and +Dori Storbeck 
The rest of the CM team are down in the burrow, working on the features. They will change places every now and then.

Here is the link to all the Google Help Forums where you'll meet the CM:s too:

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