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Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia

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Practical applications of Daito Ryu kata. This is not our style, but our students may recognize some of the techniques - and the similarity of others to what we teach.

There are three videos in this series; this is the first one. (It will automatically start the next one after it finishes, or you can pick it from the right column.)
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There are reasons he can't take the guy down. (What is the "ju" in ju-jitsu? Anybody?)
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Happy holidays to all!

13-20 Dec: Hanukkah
16 Dec: Dhanu Sankranti
21-25 Dec: Pancha Ganapati
21 Dec: winter solstice
25 Dec: Christmas
26 Dec-01 Jan: Kwanzaa

Some other holidays that sometimes fall around now (e.g. Rohatsu and Mawlid el-Nabi) are either past or won't take place until late January 2018.
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Please read the entire message.

Being December, it's the time when we close for winter break. This year the last training day will be Saturday, 23 December. All classes up to that time will be held on the regular schedule. (Reminder: if there are weather issues, check this page, as we don't follow the local school closings.)

However, unlike previous years, there will be a major change after the new year. After 27 continuous years in business - a very long time for a traditional martial arts school, and especially for one as unique as we are - it's time for a change. This is not a decision which was made quickly nor lightly, and a number of different things factored into it.

We will be exploring other avenues to offer training, but not within the current construct.

Please note: in the interim, we are still available for by-request seminars, to talk to groups, appear at local health fairs etc. Use any of the usual means to contact us to set one up: call 410 309-1988, write from the website, or from this page.

Current and former dojo peeps: PM for info on the potluck, if you haven't already received the info via e-mail.
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A reminder that we will be closed for Thanksgiving - but only that day. Travel safely if you're going somewhere, enjoy!
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Thank you to all who have served or who are serving in the armed forces. We are proud to have had members of all five services train with us!
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Confrontations can occur anywhere, at any time. Like at... a church flea market.
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We will be closed:
Friday, 10 November - Veterans' Day
Thursday, 23 November - Thanksgiving

We will be open all other of our usual days.

And although we don't need this at the moment (!), a reminder:

The dojo's inclement weather policy is our own; we do not follow any of the local schools. If things are looking bad, a decision will be made by early- to mid-afternoon as to whether to stay open for classes that night. (Or Friday night or early Saturday morning, for the Saturday classes.)

Notification will be by e-mail ONLY, and the status will also be posted here. Regardless of whether the dojo is open, please put your safety first and don't travel in hazardous conditions, especially if you live some distance away.
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Just under two weeks to the women's self defense seminar - pre-register now!
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Taught by the school's senior female instructor, who has been training for over 20 years, you will learn in this seminar how to recognize and deal with pre-attack situations and differing threat levels; how to defend yourself from various armed and unarmed attacks, both standing and on the ground; and learn about the legal ramifications of self defense. No prior experience needed! Ages 14 and up, please. $25 per person, please pre-register at our website.

For more information and to pre-register, visit us at .
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