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The best unintentionally awesome photo I've taken recently. Thanks, Auto Awesome! Also, you know, thanks to rainy summer sunsets over epic cityscapes and stuff.

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Mean radiation dose in 2012 for Japanese people living right outside Fukushima restricted areas, eating food mostly from Fukushima, breathing in the Fukushima air, and going about their lives: 0.89-2.51 mSv/y.

Mean background radiation in Japan: ~2 mSv/y (It's about 50% higher in America)

Estimated lifetime increased risk of cancer incidence in the Japanese cohort studied above, due to radiation exposure from the Fukushima accident: ~1%, which will likely be undetectable.

Things that expose you to more radiation than living just outside the Fukushima restricted area:

1) Eating a lot of bananas. Highest dose rate from dietary intake of radiation listed in the study: 0.0088 mSv/y. Banana equivalent dose: 0.1 uSv. That is, eating 88 bananas gets you as much radiation in your diet as living right outside the Fukushima restricted area in 2012 and eating food from that region.
2) Being a flight attendant. Mean radiation dose for flight attendants: ~2.19 mSv/y (compared with 0.89-2.51 above).
3) Lower GI X-ray series: 8 mSv. One chest x-ray: 0.1 mSv. Thus, the radiation dose in the Fukushima study: equivalent to 9-25 chest x-rays. Or just the first 20% of a pelvic/abdominal CT scan (10 mSv).
4) Smoking. Pack a day ~ 53 mSv/y.
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