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Short 10 second timelapse of traffic at the MacArthur BART

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Surface of an Alien Planet?
Nope! It's an Extreme Close up HD image of the human eye!

Everyday we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.
More at ==>> +Interesting Engineering

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Just a matter of time IMO before Google+ replaces Facebook. I know it may seem pretty premature to make this declaration... but this whole promoting your personal profile's posts for $7 on Facebook just so that your friends can actually see your posts (instead of them being filtered out so that the algorithm can show more funny cat pictures) has to be the beginning of the end if anything can be said to be.

Just my $0.02.

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Great stuff. I dig the new public hangout invite option.
improving the quality of conversations in hangouts

improving the quality of conversations in hangouts isn't only about improving the audio and video technology.  it's also about facilitating good social interactions.  

the hangouts team and i have been hangouting with you, reading posts, and listening to your feedback about this.  over the past couple months we’ve quietly rolled out several hangouts improvements to help facilitate good conversations and curb the less desirable ones. this is something we will continue to develop.  we won't stop.  thanks for all the feedback so far.  i look forward to talking with as many of you face-to-face-to-face as i can :).

here are some highlights of what we have done so far, plus a new system we are launching today.  keep in mind more features are still coming. 

improving public invites - inviting public to a hangout can change the dynamics of a conversation and bring in surprise guests.  this can be a great way to meet new people.  i've met countless interesting folks this way.  but sometimes people who are new to hangouts do this inadvertently.  and when the public (or anyone new) is invited to a hangout, we think you should know.  so here's what's been released so far:
when someone invites public, we confirm that this is what they intend to do, and we add a little info educating them on what this means.
when anyone invites more people into the hangout, we inform the room that the room invite was extended.  we'll let the room know that a new circle of people or the public was invited;  and we let the room know who extended the invitation.

jerks in the room - sometimes people do join the room who are disruptive.  it happens in real life.  i'm happy that in the vast majority of all hangouts don't have this issue;  unfortunately it is sometimes a real problem.  we've rolled out a few improvements to help. 
when someone gets blocked, everyone else will be asked if they want to also block this person.  what we have learned is that a lot of people are not aware that this is something they can do.  with this change, we will raise the visibility/awareness so that you have a way to protect yourself.  we will proactively ask people to make a decision. 
if someone is blocked by most people in the room, the blocked person will be escorted to the door...  they'll be dropped from the hangout, and not allowed back in that hangout.

we know that it’s not enough to just deal with jerks after they’ve come in and disrupted the hangout.  and simply dropping them from one room risks having them go through every public hangout one by one.  that only spreads the problem around.  we can do better.  so we’ve been working hard to block them from the system completely.   here’s how:

first, identify and block them!   with the data we get from your report signals, we can identify who’s misbehaving in public hangouts.  we see this from patterns of confirming reports.  we now identify these people, we block them from joining or creating any public hangouts.   please help by continuing to use “block” as appropriate.

second, don’t let them create new accounts!  blocking their account by itself doesn’t solve the problem if they can just create a new account and hop right in.  so we have a new system we are launching to identify accounts that seem relatively fresh.  we will ask these people to confirm their account with an sms message, making it harder and more costly to misbehave in hangouts.  this will roll out over the next several days starting today.

finally, sometimes you just want to hang with other adults.  no, i'm NOT talking about interactions that violate our terms of use that could result losing hangout privileges or google+ account suspension.  i'm talking about those advanced math and physics jokes and stuff like that :P.  you know what i mean...

for those times that you have a great adult math or science joke you have to tell, we've rolled out the ability for you to create 18+ hangouts. 

for those "other" adult conversations that DO violate our terms of use, please continue to report them and send evidence when you can.  it helps identify and remove the jerks from our system.


ps.  a math joke for you:
q: why did the chicken cross the road?
a: to find a vector orthogonal to itself and the road.  

hmm... i suppose i should have marked this post as 18+ now...

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Yesterday I wrote a little bit about public opinion, and how it's a "filter" for most people -- an idea that grows and becomes popular tells us what to pay attention to. Popular opinion affects our opinion and subconsciously (some might say insidiously) influences our behavior. Google is an amazing company. If the average non-techie knew even 1% of the things going on behind the scenes, they'd be floored. But the average Joe does not know. My sense is that Google was never truly seen as an "exciting" or "sexy" company to the average Joe.

Yes, technical people admired Google. But to non-techies, Google just works. It does what you want it do. And its design and utility is so straightforward and, well, utilitarian, it's kinda just "there." You use electricity everyday -- it's absolutely critical to everything you do, but you don't think much about the company that supplies the power to you.

With Google+, we're in the beginning phases of a sea change. G+ is going to affect the way people appreciate and think about Google. Put simply, G+ is going to make Google "sexy" to the average person. Pundits & investors have already recognized the excitement around this new "Google." That's where that $45 billion dollar increase in market cap just came from. ( And that stock market excitement is forming a virtuous circle with the excitement of the G+ project itself.

The good feeling for Google is going to grow. It's going to spread beyond tech circles, and Google may have something of the Apple aura, if it can continue down this path. People are going to love Google like they never loved it before. People are going to hang on their product announcements the way they never did before. Larry Page and Sergey, if they so choose, will start to be seen more like a Steve Jobs than a Bill Gates. And all of this is not just because G+ is addicting (which it is). It's because G+ is about people and community. It's a celebration of our very existence, in a more obvious way than "organizing the world's information" ever was.

Google is sexy now. And I'm loving it.

P.S. If you're interested in reading about some of the amazing things "behind the scenes" at Google, I'd reccommend you pick up Steven Levy's "In the Plex". ( It's an important book, at an important time. Levy has followed the Google story since 1999. and has had uncommon access to people throughout every level of the company.

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And now the unveiling of my latest project... Exceptionary.

Ever wanted to easily track exceptions that occur in your apps using your existing issue tracker? That's what we do. Currently only GitHub is supported, but support for other trackers is on the way (like BitBucket and Redmine).

Today marks the start of the beta program, try it today and drop some feedback.

You can create a new account using the beta code "gplustech"

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Something to be positive about inside of Google. Very cool.
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