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Steam Summer Sale

Ladies and gentlemen, start your wallets!

No day one daily deals for me, but I advise you to grab Legend of Grimrock if old school dungeon crawlers are your thing. Particularly if you were a fan of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder back in the day. It's practically a clone of the former.

Publisher deals I'm keeping an eye on:

Grand Theft Auto IV (50% off @ $9.99)
Fallout New Vegas (40% off @ $11.99)
The Walking Dead (25% off @ $18.74)

They could all potentially turn up as future daily deals (GTA4 & FNV for 75%, TWD for 50%), so I'll resist grabbing them just yet.

It's worth digging deep into the back catalog, because almost everything is discounted to some extent. You can find some real bargains that never make their way to the front page or aren't highlighted in a pack deal.
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Picked up Grimrock myself, as well as Saints: The Third, knowing that it's GTA4-like, but completely outlandish. Also I picked up Terraria and Portal 2 for my kid's accounts.

This summer may break me since I got my kids a computer and started fleshing out their game sets as well. (They're 3 and 5... but do very well on computers.)
I'm on the fence about Saints Row. I like sandboxy stuff, but I'm still trying to find time to delve into Just Cause 2 properly!
Oooo... yeah, Just Cause 2 had me for 50+ hours. Seriously... the amount to see is amazing. Although, going through the cities, it gets a little old popping water towers and snatching gun, vehicle, and armor parts off of the rooftops. :)
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