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The Recording
I have started recording Apple Pie (the now official title of my song, so yay). I changed Fm to Gm and kept C, and I also added  D to the "oooh baby" and G to the "aaaii no", both of which resolve to C. I also included an additional two vocal parts for addi...

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The Change
After much soul searching during my absence for the past couple of weeks (including spring break), I have decided to completely change my song. Don't worry, I'm just as far with this new one as the old one. Here Are the Lyrics: I'll cut down some logs and B...

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The Lyrics
Writing the lyrics is my favorite part of making a song. Lyrics are when your emotions meet your words to create something beautifully poetic. Singing the lyrics adds to the emotion and connection between the artist and the audience. A couple of days ago I ...

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The Tone
Hey everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry I missed last friday. Certain circumstances distracted me from my computer. Today, we will be talking about the use of tone in writing a song. Tone is one of the most important aspects of song writing. Tone creates...

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The Muse
The muse is defined as the central inspiration or idea of a song. It can be anything from a break-up to a brand-spanking-new Ford Pickup. Usually, the muse is also central to what is happening in the author's life. An excellent example of this is the song A...

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Original song. Take a listen
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