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I am sitting in the library watching a couple outside on the lovely terrace get married.  A string quartet is playing the wedding march as I write this.  They look so happy.  And I have never been so sad.  But I have a rule about crying in public places.  *sigh*  I wish them all the luck in the world and may only good things come to them.
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Don't be sad. Every ending is a begining of something else. Lets start something new. Go to a gym/bar/library/any new place  and find yourself a decent man who respect who you are! Lets do something! The life is to short to be alone and miss all those fun. Do some stupid thing just for fun! What you always wanted but never done. Scubadiving, car race, parachute, bungie jumping, whatever! Damn, i wont delete this now :D (as i usualy do most of my comments :p  )
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