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FREE EVENT: The Alabama Orchid Society will hold its 30th annual show and sale at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens September 19th - 21st. The sale is from 10 AM - 6 PM September 19th and 20th and 11 AM - 4 PM September 21st. The show is from noon - 6 PM September 20th and 11 - 4 PM September 21st. Let us know if you get to check it out!
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Those that live in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin may want to check out the Wisconsin Orchid Society Show & Sale happening this weekend! :-)
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Be sure to check out their website for more details:
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Quick Orchid Tip: Never let orchids or their pots sit in water. This will cause root rot!
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Have you been thinking about transferring some of your orchids to hydroponics? Well, one of our preferred orchid suppliers, Hydro-Orchids, makes this transition as easy as possible with their hydroponics starter sets. Be sure to check their online store here:

Also, don't forget, if you’re a Green Thumb Club member you can receive 20% off your order with this month’s coupon code. If you’re not yet a member but would like to be, you can click the following link to sign up now!
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Quick Orchid Tip: Remember to always use sterilized tools on your orchid - intense heat (like the flame from a lighter) or a diluted solution of bleach can be used to sterilize them.
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Beautiful; bright yellow bloom! Thank you so much . Very educational. Learning so much about orchids. Greatly appreciate your time in all the information you give out on especially orchids.
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Quick Orchid Tip: After watering your orchid, use cotton swabs to remove excess water that gets stuck in all the little nooks of your plant! :-)
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Quick Orchid Tip: Never fertilize orchids with root damage. This is LITERALLY like pouring salt in your orchid's wound! 
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Having trouble getting that perfect mix of orchid medium?

Well, don't of our preferred suppliers Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies, sells several great pre-mixed orchid mediums on their website...You can check them out here:

Also, if you are a Green Thumb Club member, you can get a 20% discount (with your special discount code) on everything on the ENTIRE site!

You can sign up to become a Green Thumb Club member by clicking here:
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Quick Orchid Tip: Always quarantine new orchids for at least 3 weeks when bringing them into your home to prevent them from spreading any pests or diseases to your other plants!
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True or False?? Some orchids are naturally blue in color such as the one pictured? Comment below to leave your answer and we’ll reveal the correct answer next week! 
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not real
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Check out the beautiful orchid collection of one of our readers!
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If you live in North Carolina near Ballantyne, you may want to check out the "Orchid Basics" class offered free of charge by Pike Nurseries this weekend on August 23rd!
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