Google Will Have 490 Million Users Ready To Move To Google+ on March 1 (an interesting comment +charles vaz left on one of my posts)

"The unified merge has a bigger business reason - to tackle Facebook's 800 million strong user-base! Google+ will effectively almost have at least 490 million users ready to move to Google+ on March 1.

When all the Google sites merge - the google accounts would all be almost folded into 1 google+ account per user account!

So definitely all those guys with YouTube accounts for which Google already paid $1.65 Billion would almost automatically have google+ accounts

So, It's gonna be magical on March 1st for Google+ - 490 million unique users from YouTube would almost automatically jump into Google+ and assuming that is a superset of all existing Google+ users today - Google+ will effectively have close to 490 million users almost automatically on March 1.

So effectively all those facebook users posting YouTube videos on Facebook would automatically have Google+ accounts!

When the user's log in brings the user directly to a toolbar with google+ nearby - its at the doorstep. Google is free so Google+ can just use the single sign on to call these users as Google unified users - albeit whatever the service the user actually uses.

Remember at the end of Dec 2011 - Google+ had only 62 million users. So this is definitely a huge step in the right direction! " - +charles vaz

Let's remember that Google+ has now more than 100million users

and the number of Google+ fans for the site's top 100 brands grew at a 1,400% pace last month seeing an increase of 3.1 million in their circles (link via +Steve Faktor and +Robert E. del Sol)

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