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Em Portugal pedem-me por 'apoio incondicional' sem dar razão para tal, no Japão juntam algo minimamente interessante a um desporto que considero desproporcionadamente venerado.

Creio que esta vai ser a primeira vez que apoio um país num mundial de futebol.

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Ok, at least there is something we sell first in Portugal( And it's Ubuntu too :)

I did find the 'No Virus' and 'MS Office Compatible' notes funny though.

NewbTip: If you want to go to bed and turn off the PC, don't start building a rather large C++ library. >_>

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I'm not noticing any of the usual Pixar themes though. Nice to imagine seeing one of their great movies without crying then. :)

E.... já tenho todos os elementos e feeds do facebook integrados no G+; já não preciso de retornar aquele horrivel habitat.


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████ ██████████ ████ censor ████ ███ internet █████ ████ SOPA ██ █████ ███ ██.

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And once again the dragon of ignorance and censorship rears its ugly head. Shame that outside the USA, so many of us are being almost literally strongarmed into just watching with fear towards this kind of crap.

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Best Protein name ever?
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