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Bucket List Project
Video:  Bucket List Project Author's note:  Hello, I'm a teenage girl from Brazil but I'm here in Canada to finish my high school, that is almost done!  I'm the type of person who likes to travel a lot, so my bucket ...

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I forgot to post about it here, but is better late than never! I want to say a big thank you to Ms Mclauchlan for the opportunity of presenting my Ignite Presentation at the Manitoba Teachers Convention. It was a honor and I was very happy to talk to that c...

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More 3 comments
"Great and funny at the same time! I think playing on the sand was fun when we were kids because you could do whatever you want there, the other toys were very limited, but the sand was the perfect place to create your own toys. What was your favorite thing...

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My 3 comments
"This post is so true, because at the same time that you talk about how scary the future looks, you also talk about how exciting this process is. Our feelings this year are all contradictory, exactly like you wrote." Post: Per...

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Reading Assignment #4
The Absence of the Hero by Charles Bukowski Sound and Passion (92) Character: Hank #iwish I could make this as a writer so Claudia would never have to leave. In this world, you can't live on love. Love is not enough. #lessonlearned I hate Mr Dennis, I hate ...
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