Just looking around the news of the world, looking at it closely.
I gave up on the Politics for now, as I'm in Canada.

So I went on a Tech spree.
Anyone other than my Mother have doubts about the coming years?
About Technology on the rise, where the Science Fiction of the past is coming out of the woodwork?

Because the world of the Future is now, Genetic Manipulation and Gene Therapy, Cybertechnology and Rebotics. It's all coming to a rise now, it's all coming together to change this world.

Personally, I love the idea. But I wanted to know what my Friends and Anyone reading this thought. I'm more biased towards Cybertechnology, believe it or not, I think it's less permanent than Genetic. I'd love to have things genetically augmented about myself, but I don't see it as reversible, or if it'd change the person you are, you know what I mean?

Cybernetics however, can be the next step in changing wardrobe. Want a new set of eyes? or stronger limbs? - It's happening and I can't help but dream of the CyberPunk-esque future. At this very moment there are people who have already amputated limbs that are broken and unusable for cybernetic counterparts. How long will it take for the next logical step? I think within my lifetime, probably forty years or so... maybe´╗┐
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