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Keith Stevenson
speculative fiction author, reviewer, editor and publisher
speculative fiction author, reviewer, editor and publisher

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Download Out There, my #free SF short story collection -

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Horizon - an SF thriller is now only $2.99 in all good ebookstores. See for purchase links.
Amazon 4.3* | Goodreads 3.4* | Google Play 3.7* |

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Last minute Christmas reading suggestions
It’s almost the non-denominational
gift-giving season. Here’s a roundup of this year’s biggest Australian
speculative fiction titles. Get shopping! Dreaming in the Dark (edited by Jack Dann) A celebration of Australia’s current golden
age of science fiction...

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The Rise of Anti-Science
One of the most inspirational scenes in the movie The
Martian was where Matt Damon’s astronaut, marooned on the red planet and facing
certain death, decided to ‘science the shit’ out of his problem. It
encapsulated the strong belief that used to dominate ou...

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Life on Venus
The golden age of science fiction often
imagined Venus as a jungle world, steamy and wet, where shipwrecked astronauts
were driven insane by the incessant pounding of tropical downpours, as in Ray
Bradbury’s ‘The Long Rain’. The reality of Venus is a world ...

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Big Brother 21st Century Style
The barrier between the outside world and
the sacred space inside your head is eroding at an accelerated rate. An
algorithm has been developed that scours social media posts and can predict
depression in the poster with 70% accuracy, which is twice the accu...

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Will AIs want to kill us?
There’s a lot of fear around about
Artificial Intelligence. South Koreans recently flipped out when Google’s
AlphaGo defeated their Grand Master at the national board game. But will AI
usher in the end-times for humanity? Certainly Hollywood seems to think ...

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Review - World of Trouble - Ben H Winters
World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters My rating: 4 of 5 stars I've enjoyed the single-minded investigations of Hank Palace, resolutely sticking to his job while society disintegrates around him in the face of an impending and world-ending meteor strike, and Wo...

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Free SF short story collection - Out There
New subscribers to my Beyond newsletter can now download Out There a free ebook of my collected
short stories including: '... They First Make Mad' - Travel advisory: time-travel can
seriously damage your health. 'To That Which Kills' - Is humanity only good...
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