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Take Lutein supplement skip the eye doctor (Optometrist) for eye care and problems.

the benefits of lutein are ample and it is synonymous with eye health and beauty.

But What exactly Is Lutein?

Lutein is a carotenoid, abundant in fruits and vegetables such as leafy green’s such as spinach and kale and egg yolks, and it is highly concentrated in the macula of the eye. lutein helps block out visible blue light, one of the major causes of light-induced damage to the eyes. Blue light also comes from computers and other digital devices, potentially leading to computer vision syndrome.

Benefits of Lutein: Vision and Eye Health

This super hero of a carotenoid by increasing the thickness of the macula. In one study, researchers gave 30 mg of lutein to two patients for 140 days, and found that their macular density increased by 21 percent and 39 percent.

Research has also shown that lutein can lower risk of cataracts. For example, one study found that older women who had the highest levels of lutein (and zeaxanthin, another nutrient that is critical for vision health) were about a third less likely to have cataracts.

Other eye health benefits of lutein include:

Helping to reduce eye fatigue and glare sensitivity
Promoting normal visual function and proper lens density
Strengthening eye tissue
Supporting visual acuity
Why Lutein Supplements Are Important

Unfortunately, as we age, our levels of lutein decrease because the body can’t produce it. Smokers, blue-eyed folks, and postmenopausal women have also been found to have lower levels of lutein. Fortunately, you can replenish the amount of lutein in your blood, and ultimately your eyes and brain, through diet and nutritional supplementation.

Research has shown that taking 15–40 mg of lutein daily provides the best protection. Since most people don’t eat enough dark, leafy green vegetables and egg yolks (the average intake of lutein via diet is 2 mg per day) I believe it is critical to also take supplements that contain lutein.

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How EyesWhites Natural Ingredients Help Your Eyes Out

Do you ever look at your eyes and think they need a little bit of help? At the peak of our lives and our happiness, our eyes shine bright like street lights. When we are stressed, ill and/or struggling in life generally, though, the eyes white level can drop quite a lot and it leaves us looking dull, sad and incapable.
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Check out skinny beans new thermogenic formula. Oxy-Burn is a advanced fat loss formula made to boost metabolism and control appetite. This thermogenesis blend includes: Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Yohimbe bark, Kola Nut, & L-Carnitine.

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Have dry, tired eye fatigue? this eye strain could be caused by computer vision syndrome.

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What is and Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) as the name suggested is a collection of eye related problems that is associated with prolonged usage of the computer.
The way we use the computer is usually characterized by up close viewing of the monitor and long hours of focusing intently on it.
In the period of focused staring, we tend not to blink as much as we should and this causes strain to our eyes and dehydrates our eyeballs.
In the United States, it's estimated that more than 55 million people suffer from computer-related eye or vision problems and 10 million primary eye care examinations are provided annually in the U.S primarily because of visual problems caused by computer displays.
If you spend lots of hours in front of the computer every day, there is a fair chance that you could be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome right now.

Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome

Look out for these symptoms to see if your child is having CVS:
Blurred vision
Eye strain and fatigue
Redness in the eyes
Double vision or polyopia
Dry, itchy or irritated eyes
Headaches, backaches, neck pain
Increased sensitivity to light
Difficulty focusing on the screen
Gradual vision deterioration over time
Difficulty in shifting focus from the monitor to other work
additional eye strain symptoms include: eye fatigue, tired eyes, eye strain, cataracts, astigmatism, flashes and floaters, floaters in the eye, eye strain headache, dry eyes. Ask your eye doctor for more details.

Treatment For Computer Vision Syndrome

There are several ways for Computer Vision Syndrome. One of the instant relief ways is to get an over-the-counter eye drops to treat the dry eye symptom or getting a computer glasses.

But over-reliance of such artificial methods will do more harm than good in the long run.
To treat CVS effectively, the methods listed below are much safer.

1) Blink, blink, blink - Blinking is extremely important for maintaining clarity of vision and eye health. Put a small Post-it with the word “blink now” on the corner of your monitor as a reminder.
2) Improve the arrangement of your computer (Ergonomics) - Place your computer screen below eye level for more comfortable viewing

3) Use proper lighting and reduce glare - Glare and extreme light contrast often lead to eye strains. Consider installing blinds or shades to reduce room lighting to the lower level.
4) Set larger fonts - Press ctrl + frequently when reading on the computer. Let your eyes see comfortably and reduce chances of squinting.

5) Upgrade your display - The higher refresh rate and anti-reflective screens of LCD display are more gentle on the eyes. Choose one that is at least 19 inches and above for best viewing.

6) Deep breathing- Taking complete breaths is important in relaxing your body muscles, including the eye muscles.
7) Take break frequently - Move around after every 1 hour of computer activity. Do some office stretchings. It helps to revitalize your energy level and reduce risk of neck, shoulder and back pain.
8) Limit the amount of time you continuously use the computer - Follow The 10/10/10 Rule. Look at an object which is at least 10 feet away, for 10 seconds, every 10 minutes. If you are in a small room, use palming instead.
9) Drink lots of water - Staying hydrated is important, because insufficient water intake can worsen irritated, dry eyes. Make sure your water supply is within reach.
10) Get a humidity fix - Most often, offices are air-conditioned. This means dry air and dry air leads to dry eyes. Put some real plants in or air humidifier to increase air humidity.

11) Do some eye relaxation exercises - Massage your eyes, use the warm cloth to cover your eyes or relax with an Eye Mask for the fast and effective relief of eye strain and muscle tension.
12) Perform Eye Exercises - If you are already experiencing blurry vision and worry about further vision deterioration, I recommend daily eye exercises to overcome it. They can help you to strengthen and relax your eye muscles and increase your natural flexibility and focus.
more at:

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Eyebright, known as Euphrasia

Here is some more scoop on the benefits of Eyebright used in our EYESWHITE Supplement.

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What are the Benefits of Eyebright?

Eyebright has been used for centuries in the treatment of a number of ailments. The nutritional and herbal ingredients make it beneficial for many eye problems including ophthalmia (severe inflammation of the eye), blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), conjunctivitis (pink eye), cataracts, stye, weeping eye, and bloodshot or strained eyes. It has also been found to be beneficial in treating respiratory conditions including bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, and allergies. Skin problems such as acne and stretch marks, as well as bad memory, have also been found to respond well to Eyebright treatments.
Uses of Eyebright

Cataracts, Pink Eye, Bloodshot Eyes
For cataracts, weeping eye, pink eye (conjunctivitis), blood shot and strained eyes, an Eyebright tincture may help when used as an eyewash. To make an Eyebright eyewash, mix 5-8 drops of tincture in 2 cups of cool filtered water or boil 1 teaspoon of eyebright in 1 1/2 cup of water. Dilute the strained tea in a cup of cool rose water. Washing the affected eyes with this eyewash every 4 hours may alleviate the symptoms. Herbal experts recommend this topical use for short term only. Due to possible impurities in homemade non-pharmaceutical Eyebright tea preparations, it is recommended to be supervised by an herbal expert during the external application of Eyebright for eye treatment. Drinking Eyebright tea and taking Eyebright capsules or tablets may speed up the healing process.

Eyebright is famous for its use in treating eye related problems, as well as slowing down progressive vision weakness due to age.
Eye Inflammation
For ophthalmia, blepharitis, stye and any other eye inflammation, an Eyebright tea might be beneficial when used as a cold eye compress. To make Eyebright tea, take 1 teaspoon of carefully washed Eyebright herb and boil it in 1 1/2 cup of water for 10 minutes. Drain the leaves with a very fine strainer or cotton cloth and let it cool. Dip a small cotton pad in it and use it as a compress three to four times daily.

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10 Tricks to Make the Whites of Your Eyes Look Even Whiter By style caster.

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Red or yellow eyes can put a damper on your look. Besides just being a vanity issue (people with yellow or red eyes are perceived as older, tired, and sad), yellow tinted eyes can also be a sign of a larger health issues like allergic reactions, glaucoma, toxin buildup, and more. If you’ve ruled out health issues after heading to a medical professional and you’re in search of ways to make the whites of your eyes look brighter, check out our tips and tricks below.

Eye Drops:
There are plenty of eye drops out there claiming to make the whites of your eyes brighter, but for quick results when you need them most, try these Innoxa Blue Drops. The drops are blue in color, which will counteract the red or yellow tint in your eye, making them appear brighter and whiter. Be careful not to use them on a regular basis, as you can get what’s called “rebound redness,” which basically means that your eyes will look white a few minutes after using the drops, and then the redness will return hours later with continued use.

Genius Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

Blue Eyeliner or Mascara:
For an approach with makeup, take out your favorite blue eyeliner or mascara. In the same way that blue eye drops will counteract the yellow and white colors, so will blue makeup. Applying blue liner along the bottom lash line will be especially effective.

Cold Compress:

You may have used a cold compress for puffy or swollen eyes, but they actually work to make your eyes brighter, too. Fill a bowl with very cold water and ice, then soak a washcloth in the bowl until it’s saturated. Wring out excess water, fold up the washcloth horizontally, and lay it over your eyes for 5-10 minutes a few times a day. You’ll see a reduction in redness, and a bonus reduction in fluid retention
(which causes puffy eyes).

Avoid Irritants: From smoke to dust to pollen and any other allergens, avoiding irritants can seriously help your eyes to stay white. Steer clear of smokers on the street or hanging around with any friends while they’re smoking, and do what you can to keep your living area free of dust and allergens. These can cause red eyes practically instantly.
MORE: Brighten Your Eyes With These Makeup Tricks
Plenty of Fluids: Dehydration can really take a toll on the whites of your eyes, which is why drinking plenty of water is extremely important.

Shimmery White Shadow: Using a shimmering white eyeshadow just in the inner corners of your eyes can make a world of difference. Besides brightening up the darkest, shadowed place on your face, you’ll be brightening your yellow or red eyes, too, making everything fresh!
Eat Carrots: Vitamin C is extremely helpful in brightening your eyes, as it can help prevent the buildup of foreign debris that can come into your eye. Carrots are high in vitamins A and C and will promote a brighter, healthier looking eye.

Avoid Sugars and Fats: If it isn’t clear by now, sugars and fats aren’t doing you any favors. We’re all suckers for candy and junk food, but the effects of eating foods with high sugar and fat content are nothing but terrible. These become toxins that flood your liver, and when your liver can’t work properly the toxins take over your body, which can result in yellow or red eyes. Avoid processed, sugary, and high fat foods to clear out your liver (and thus, your eyes).

MORE: 4 Tricks to Make Close Set Eyes Appear Wider

Avoid Caffeine:
Like we mentioned earlier, anything that dehydrates you can wreak havoc on your eyes, and caffeine is one of the biggest culprits of dehydration. If you’re going to drink one cup of coffee or caffeinated tea a day, match it with one glass of water to balance out the dehydration. After that, steer clear of coffee, tea, or caffeinated soda.

Keep Your Sunglasses On:
Just as the sun can damage your skin, it can damage your eyes, too. Overexposure to sunlight can yellow your eyes after time, so be sure to keep your UVA/UVB protected lenses on at all times while it’s sunny outside.

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I love these vitamins

ByMirageon April 4, 2016

I love these vitamins, I've noticed such a positive change in the look and feel of my eyes. No more dry red eyes making me look tired.
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had a good experience with this

By Marco April 16, 2016

I got this in a Local shop and was more in search for eye health. What i Liked is it kind of does a few good things, i had improved visiona and nice looks with great nutriton.
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Nabil May 10, 2016

Verified Purchase
Been using it for a week now and happy with it it replaced my other vitamin supplements
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