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Mista Vybe
Recording Artist + Songwriter + Producer + Tech-head + Entrepreneur + Creative Genius from the isle of Trinidad in the Caribbean! VYBEMUZIK™
Recording Artist + Songwriter + Producer + Tech-head + Entrepreneur + Creative Genius from the isle of Trinidad in the Caribbean! VYBEMUZIK™

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All real lovers of ‪#‎Soca‬ music (and all ‪#‎Trini‬ ppl) NEED to WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Big up +Trini Trent!

‪#‎WatchOutMyChildren‬... 👀


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VYBE ALERT! +machelmontanomusic  - #RemedyRefix feat. #Shaggy !!! (SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe  , PRODUCED BY PrecisionProductionz) 

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#Blessings continue . Found out that +machelmontanomusic - #Remedy (PRODUCED BY +PrecisionProductionz, #SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe) is #4 in the TOP 10 MOST PLAYED SONGS on the +We Music app THIS WEEK (November 10th - 17th)!!!

#Thankful #Honoured

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VYBE ALERT! The new Carnival 2015 single "Remedy" by +machelmontanomusic is now available on iTunes!

#Remedy #Soca2015 #Carnival2015 PRODUCED BY +PrecisionProductionz, #SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe!!!

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VYBE ALERT! TUNE IN TO +G987FM FROM 5-8PM FOR A DOSE OF +machelmontanomusic - #Remedy (#SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe, PRODUCED BY +PrecisionProductionz)!!!

Respect to my extended family in Toronto, D' Enforcas!


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#LatePost: +machelmontanomusic releases first song for Carnival 2015! >> #SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe, PRODUCED BY +PrecisionProductionz

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Just over 3000 views away from 100K! +machelmontanomusic - #Remedy  ( #SONGWRITING  BY +Mista Vybe, PRODUCED BY +PrecisionProductionz)

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Official Artwork & Promo Brief for the 1st Machel Montano #C2K15 release: #Remedy (#SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe, PRODUCED BY +PrecisionProductionz)

Attention all Carnival devotees and debutants this is a Festival Alert! 

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? 

Frequently sneaking looks at your calendar, or gazing longingly at costumes online? Are your hips continuously making involuntary twitching motions to a beat only they can hear? 

Have no fear, in this his first release for Carnival 2015, Machel Montano the reigning International Power Soca Monarch, works with Precision Productions to divulge a remarkable "Remedy" to the world. 

For it to work though, just the right elements had to be lined up to provide all of the necessary aspects of this harmonious elixir. 

Constant motion is key and team Precision takes care of the musical aspect of this tonic, providing the precise amount of bass, melodies, and rhythm required to keep the momentum rolling. 

The intoxicating recipe may seem familiar, however, Patrick "Mista Vybe" Gordon, working for the first time as a songwriter with the Road March King, used his notable skills to whip up a gripping tale that gives a contemporary slant to this festive therapy. 

To put this all together, Machel rises to the occasion adding his unrelenting energy and becomes a vocal vessel, who impeccably conveys the seductive and consuming give and take between masqueraders as they move in-sync charging the atmosphere with their combined euphoria. 

The countdown continues and the air ripens with the promise of great things to come for the Carnival season as we bring you the "Remedy"!

©+Mystie Thongs.

Machel Montano - Remedy

Performed by +Machel Montano

Written by Patrick "Mista Vybe" Gordon, Machel Montano & Kasey Phillips

Additional Backups by +Shradah Mcintyre & Patrick "Mista Vybe” Gordon

Produced by Precision Productions

Recorded by +Kurtis Wells  & Kasey Phillips

Mixed by Cole Nystrom

Mastered by Alex DeYoung

Animation by Jelani Paul of Untitled 51

Descriptive Writing by Mystie Thongs

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Ending off my night on a positive note after a busy day online with the #MachelMontano - #Remedy launch! Just got in the VybeMobile and what's the FIRST song I hear playing on 96.1 WEFM? 💉💊😎🙏

Big up the whole team! +machelmontanomusic, +PrecisionProductionz, Che Kothari, +The FADER >> #MM #Remedy 👉 #SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe!!!

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#Repost from @chekothari:"We blew up +The FADER today. Most popular post on their site today! Introducing soca to new audiences and introducing The Fader to new communities. Check out @machelmontano's first release for Carnival 2015. #remedy #carnival2015 "

💉💉💉💊 💊💊

+machelmontanomusic - #Remedy (PRODUCED BY +PrecisionProductionz,#SONGWRITING BY +Mista Vybe)
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