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WHY am I being persistently logged in with my personal account when I click "get started"??? I mistakenly went through the process without changing the account from me to my employers account, and now it WON'T LET ME change it. I keep logging out and trying to restart the process but it keeps logging me in now and my account page doesn't give ME the option to delete or cancel my feedly account - an account I don't want or need personally. It's too frustrating. Someone please tell me where the "delete account" option is, or how to choose "set up account with Google" without it AUTOMATICALLY logging ME in yet again without giving me options. 
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Hello, you can add a login to your account here:
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1 Star- NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONE!!! A few more stars for the products and service (besides phone)
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Opening my account with Aramex in Khobar was, literally, the EASIEST experience I had doing any business in Saudi. In 8 years they have been consistent and except for one incidence everything has always worked the way it's supposed to, including here in Bahrain. The one instance a box of textbooks I'd shipped myself was on a low shelf and got wet during severe rains - Aramex paid to replace every damaged book within a month. By FAR one of the better run organizations I've dealt with in the Gulf, with virtually no screw ups or unreasonable/unnecessary inconveniences. Every shipment I've received from US (a lot), UK or China has arrived within 6 days of being received in those countries, and the app and text notifications are always spot on. I really have no idea where these negative reviews come from - Aramex is about the only org in the Gulf that I'd go out of my way to write a great review for because of their great service. Only wish for two things - 1) to be able to ship food, supplements or liquid cosmetic products through them rather than having to pay more to do it a different way. 2) the option to choose delivery or pick up individually per shipment and know that it will happen immediately, without day(s) of delay or having to call in (I really never get delivery, always pick up, but on occasion I've been called that I have a delivery I must pay cash for and, obviously, I don't have cash and wasn't expecting a delivery - this only happened in Jubail).
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There's nothing here but a corner mart and a mosque. WTH?
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Generally great experience except that Google says open 24 hours and they are definitely not. Still sitting here in the parking lot waiting to buy milk... 🙄
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reviewed 9 months ago