Guess What!? It's Friday, and what better way to say it than having a picture of #RichardSimmons expressing it?!

Wanted to give a shootout for all our new followers and avid sharers! Have a great and relaxing weekend +Benchmark Email +Montage Media Ltd +Social Media Mags +barbouchi Monaem +Jessica Meyer +Thomas Schulz +Edwin Dass +Jake Hitchcock Illicitpro +Nosayaba Ohanmu +Michael J. Kovis +Dustin DeTorres +Jason Thompson +Ladders-Online +jonathan j sheppard
And enjoy that Mid-day treat +Tim Millward, +Ash Davies and everyone else over at +Montage Media Ltd. Represent the UK!

And may +jonathan j sheppard continue to celebrate his team's victory.

#TGIF and Have a good one!
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We are simple we are having Carlsberg,

next week montage media has a treat for all to show how business like we can be, this is getting made as we speak.
don't want to spoil it but what we are building involves beer, creatively of course.
Ladders-Online any bombers around?
Studies do say, 1-2 beers make men more creative. #JustSaying
now were backed by Rachel, so that makes it ok, she also has guns.
studies say studies are usually wrong, however in this case they may be right, proof will be in the pudding as my old Gran used to say.... no pressure chaps
I feel like after 1 or 2 I come up with some witty ideas, and then after 3 they are weird and abstract, and the 4+ I'm in a whole other universe of thinking.
anyone want to rent some mental bean bags for your creative zones?
that's because you are drunk Rachel, you right first couple are good for creativity, that's why its company policy; as i own the business easy to implement.
hi we welcome Charles Whitlock, join all every friday, Rachel distracts us all; its fun though
Good times while actually doing what you're supposed to do with Social Media... for the most part. Interactions... Am I right?
I got confused for a moment and thought it was Charles Whidmore from lost, was going to give him a go ear bashing for that crap ending, however its +Charles Whitlock welcome aboard the Carlsberg boat...
I wish I had that much money to just buy a company cause I liked it so much. Thank god that cookies and beer are cheap.
Jon how are we with the confusions?
He scores when he wants... He scores when he wants...
least hell is warmer than here, sunny uk
How long did it take City to win its 2nd top flight championship again? I believe Arsenal matches that number within just the past 10 years...
look after yourselves, everyone!.
i don't now if you would believe that we have work to do
our week technically started 2hrs ago
the week starts on a Friday in Wales due to ancient laws surrounding sheep fiddling, its complex, but it works,
Ccarlsberg does help sometimes, tend to miss words here and there
It does! Then why are we still here? See you later people!
Sheep Fiddling is a big deal. Used to follow that law, but a declared anarchy and got my weekends back.
give credit jon for surrounding sheep fiddling, its complex
as we are 5 min away from Jon, we proud as well, Rachel missing words is more of a game
once you get to 3 carlsberg's, things start to slow a little
I am slowly forgetting when to use "#" and "@" on twitter. Google+ is draining me. lol
On a curious note can you class Google plus as a work out!
You all are sucking the productivity out of me today... I steadily keep returning to read this post...................
Google+ will lead to my early diagnosis of carpal tunnel
depends if you use your toes on the keys, it has #yogerish attributes....
If you can type with you toes... you have reached a whole new level of awesome.
well few more or so will not do you any harm, also have a beer they go away.
I had to turn of my email notifications +Rachel Hildebrand. Lol. I kept seeing new mail in my Gmail tab and became disappointed at the results... Ha ha.
right you seed linking taggerettes i`m offski to feed the pony and water the sheep, have a glorious weekend, dont drink to much, and lets all pray for world peace... ay Men
Although the line between a SEO and a SME (Social Media Expert) is getting thinner and thinner.
+Ladders-Online ye agree, though i really struggle with the term "social media expert" its a bit like being an expert in wearing jeans... for me the whole point is about relevant connections and associate signals, some say search will die and social will take over, i`m struggling at the moment conceptualize that in the context of the next 2-3 years, i`m also struggling to visualize a website in 5-6 years time, will we still need them? or will social networks just become the internet.....
You can't see into the future? need to build up your powers. And I wear jeans pretty well, so I would consider myself and expert.
prove it! oh and i have the foresight algorithm, the futures bright the future is........ denim
Consider this, the Internet as a collaborative umbrella of technologies is still immature compared to other mediums, the technology drives the Internet network topology, root servers etc has taken 15 years to get to this state, so 1-5 years in the scheme of things is nothing, SEO, websites, and social media will be here for a long time, only issue is weighting.
don't Rachel i have probably missed some words out
behavioural data over the next 5 years will be equal to 100 years worth of pre smartphone internet data, and that will shape the future of the web, the website SEO etc, as for social media, well its been with us since cave drawings, its not going away, the media part is somewhat a misnoma for me, its about a segmented graph driven by personal, interest and professional connections
Will search be influenced by "human intervention" maybe, but not as we know it now, the speed of evolution is incomparable to anything weve really seen before, the desire to build something that isnt influenced by monitory factors has to be the way forward, at the moment the highest bidders get preference, this will change in my view through the influence of your own personal connections. its already upon us....
5 years will be equal to 100 years worth of pre smartphone internet data?, note sure about this;

do you realise what it takes to run Google for example, it’s not a case of money, its infrastructure and experience, I don’t think this kind of shift in tech to accommodate this is possible in this period, even by Moore's law standards.

Something I have learnt in the 20 years of experience, is that only try to have foresight for about 1 year ahead, and being dynamic in your ability is more important than worrying what’s going to happen, i hate to agree with Rachel but building up your powers is probably more important.
i agree completely, i`m talking as i always do from a user perspective,and i guess i make the data judgement based data consumption versus 5 years ago, Google is by far the worlds largest auction site, without money there`s no infrastructural growth i would assume, that`s where the experience come in for sure. Prediction is pointless i agree, trend and understanding where the future lies i guess helps informed business decisions, for me coming from a corporate background everyone and everything had a 3 year plan. What no one can disagree on is the pace of change though. I was talking to a friend at the BBC who said that no one could have imaged 12 months ago something like Google Hangouts on Air could effectively bypass a whole broadcast network system, but it has that potential, and they are worried!

But and here`s the point of my original interjection on the thread, i just find the concept of a SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT disingenuous, as for the future, well someone could just unplug the internet, then we`d all be screwed!
Jon on a slight defer, are we the sad doing this on a Saturday, got to catch up with work
YES!!! though i`m switching everything off in a mo,not for the Voice!! but footie, then probably do until 2am to catch up from last week, bugger!!
i am going to watch the voice, have a drink or 2; watch a film.
sunday i will catch up, speak soon
I thought this thread ended yesterday... Holy moly...
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