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Updates, Fun with Quinoa, and Mom
galore! As you read in my last, much-belated post, I moved out on my
own last November. My best friend in the world (above) and I have
procured a home together. I moved in with my girl child, my two small,
poorly-behaved dogs, and girl child's ...

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Italian Christmas!!
Hello, my darlings! I'm sorry for the long absence. Sadly, my bacon-loving husband and I are no longer a thing, and it's been a difficult journey to get out on my own. There is still a long road ahead, but I hope that ultimately this will be healing for us ...

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The Holidays are Upon Us! Links and Happiness

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Clean Eating, Part Deux!
My inner fat girl tries to take over and become my outer self pretty much every single day of my life. It's not that hard for me to go to yoga and to the gym to lift, but it is a big struggle for me to not undo all that hard work through a lousy diet. (See ...

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Gardening, Watermelon Lemon Mint Jelly, and Pickled Watermelon Rind
So, now that I've finished this crazy degree, it seemed like the time to put in a garden. I've half-heartedly yearned for one for years, especially since I started canning. Yearning in earnest this year, and egged on by my apartment-bound best friend who al...

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Pork Belly Smack Down--Happy July 4th!
Happy, happy July 4th! I hope you all had a safe holiday. I'm currently rubbing refrigerated aloe all over myself while I try to rehabilitate my liver, so ours was clearly a good time. But about the cooking competition: this holiday, my sister and I chose p...

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Clean Eating, OhFeelYa Style...
Hello there! I've missed you all dreadfully, but it's been a crazy May/June. I'm teaching a ton right now, drowning in the grading, and gearing up to start as chair of my department at school in July. Also, I've retired from derby and needed a new hobby. My...

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OhFeelYa's Easy...Dinners--Lamb Chops and Sauteed Bok Choy, Cabbage, and Leeks
OhFeelYa's still here, and still easy (just kidding, Mom!). Still full of easy dinner ideas. Now that we've made it through the great winter of pork and potatoes, I'm trying to get more veggies in around here. My silly husband, who would attend the Church o...

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Foodie Confessions...
So, since this is a food blog, I sort of feel compelled to report on all the parts of my life touched by food. Goodness knows, I love me some food. If you've met me, the food-lovin' evidence is pretty clear. I'm big(ish) and beautiful, for sure. I'm a size ...

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The Economical Kitchen--Strawberries and Muffins to Make You Swoon
The strawberries are so pretty at the store right now; I cannot resist them. (One thing I try to always buy organic is strawberries. They are one of the most heavily chemical-laden fruit available. See  this link to an NPR story about California strawberrie...
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