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UNDP - GRIP (Global Risk Identification Program)
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To,Un President from Soumandrab dev,385/a jafrabad

Hi Sir,I am sbd ,hindu living near your Bangladesh office.My father Prof M C dev lived and died there then i went to live and after 2 years facing some troubles i ask you solve.You know kind to your knowledge the puja Durga is near and i havent got money from any out listed staff.I buy from internet a huze (75 piece) dress Shirt,pant,tshirt ,bag,other then found one in my bag.IN our aria some intruders came took away a lot of valu,non valu things from my room.Cousin got afraid gave them money they dint stop coming.Police rab in two sides help little kosai aria thats why if cut blood speeld they come.
I have own many ,build design many,Buisding,cars,motorcycle showroom in dhaka is my plan.I do NGO.Arounf 31 projects going on with PA,Basa (O)other RIC.Do writing TV special Natok EID (Dom fatano hasir) and done lot Cinema.
Thank you. Soumandra bikas dev.
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More than 1,000 participants, including 49 ministers and public officials from around Asia will attend the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on ...
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NY Times special page on Global Warming & Climate Change
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Looking for a DRA training course or university degree to upgrade your knowledge and expertise?

Check out GRIPWEB’s Training Courses & Programmes Portal, a collection of training courses and programmes on disaster risk assessment and its use in policy and decision making, delivered by various organizations and institutions around the world. The courses are listed in two categories: Onsite and Online
Welcome to GRIPWEB's Training Courses & Programmes Portal! This portal is a collection of training courses and programmes on disaster risk assessment and its use in policy and decision making,...
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How can one get this DRA training course?

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Take part in International Shake Out EQ drill on Oct. 18. Find out more about it and where and how to participate
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UNDP's Global Risk Identification Program based in Geneva
GRIP is a multi-stakeholder initiative that directly aligns with the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA)’s Priority Area 2: risk identification, assessment and monitoring. Although hosted by the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, GRIP’s structure, is inherently multi-stakeholder, as it is a set of harmonized activities contributing to commonly-agreed-upon objectives. Dozens of organizations have been involved in its preparation, design and implementation. GRIP’s programme design reflects the information and support needs identified by the risk identification community. As one of the key thematic platforms for the implementation of the HFA by the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) system, the programme was officially launched in 2007 at the 1st session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and has been adopted by the ISDR system to support worldwide activities to identify and monitor disaster risk.
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Contact info
11 Chemin des Anémones Geneva, Switzerland 1219 Châtelaine