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R. E. Bruce Martin

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Recently I have found following most you Tbe videos, I cannot paste-post a comment. Hand trtyping is not an option for me for reasons of physical coordination. Accordingly look HERE for now for my paste-posts in relation tom many and diverse other topics and videos.
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R. E. Bruce Martin

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From Canada: I don't read or speak chiese or any oriental language, but it is fun to see this little boy so happy in his youth with that container of Ice cream, trying to show us how much he is enjoying it!

Maybe with luck someone there who knows him and his parents, and can translate/explain will show him what he has sent to an old man in Canada!
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R. E. Bruce Martin

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Not only a nice flight, but that lady Pilot's Beautiful as well! Lufthansa always does it with flair!
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R. E. Bruce Martin

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For Annika:

It sounds to me that you, also are in Quebec, possibly in the Greater Montreal Area. while we can't safely divulge personal coordinates here, if you ride the STM and the 2 mountains train, you might run across me. I don't drive any more because I saw something in my health that I would not allow to become a danger to myself and other on the road, so I ride on a TRAM 3 every month, covering all Montreal Island, Laval and the south shore as far as St. Bruno.

If you are on a bus or train with me present, you will know by yourself easily enough.

Your ambition does not surprise me. As I said in my previous post:

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

but also so following: "Where there's a will there;s a way."

Be not daunted:

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill during WWII to a school of young people at a time when thre Nazis wer bombing the !!!! out of Britain:

"The greatest fear we have is fear itself"

Personally, if you were in front of me, with what I have done in my time, the mere fact I am physically alive to tell my story says dealt with the dangers, the fears and the trepidations and mastered them all. Those type of jobs are the ones you do it right or you simply don't come back alive! and just because a "professional hero" is never loved" makes him/her no less the true hero, notwithstanding all other "considerations".

A la prochaine!

R. E. Bruce Martin

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Si in el ano que hay salida, estubo intiendo los palabras como ahora lo esterioia much mas enganchado!
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R. E. Bruce Martin

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I don't have to listen to all this vodeo to ageree with the improper peer pressures that surround this personal decision and more! I also did not want to have children, and the fact that there was some degree of medical reason is only a small part of it all -at best to shut up those who cant rise above the lack of alter respect to "Live and let live", same properly construed!

I am now 70 years old, married, but no children. I married a woman who also could not have kids for even more complex medical reasons. We have just passed our 32nd wedding annivarsary, no divorces, separations etc. and no kids.

This, but NO means we don't love kids. ant=ything but. But neither of us wanted kids ourselves.

In my case, I grew up with a lot of emotional problems arising out of 3 different sources, not 1. One of these was parental intellectual abuse, another was serious misconduct of a teacher at the age of 4 1/2. The third was a set of nature's gifts, partly high visualization aptitude that was rarely even known at the time, a colour hue disctinction enhancement, found by the Farnsworth Munsell 100 hue test decades later in the process of a job interview.

With the "elephant memory back to the age of 3 and in enough detail to make a super-movie, and a lot of staunchly independent research. I know the truth, but at the age of 70 the remaining purpose is more for posterity than myself. therefore Millennials take note as you are the ones (in the Olympic sense) who will carry the torch. I simply don't want that measure of acid truth I fought for most of a lifetime to learn against all odds, to die with me!

By now it is obvious that I LOVE public speaking, notwithstanding who else might not "love my style", and that in English, French and Spanish!

Back to the kids:

At the time I was a young man, of the usual age whan a man might be thinking about getting married and having a family, I was told that my "problem" might be inherited.

But at that time the difference between genetic inheritance and "psychological contagion" was not known as it is today.

Nonetheless! that was enough! NO WAY would I have wanted to bring some poor unborn child into the life of He!! that I had been through!

But more than that, I thought "Even if that "personality problem" as it was best known at the time, had never been there, I still would not have wanted to father my own kids. I would have far preferred to adopt some poor undernourshshed and deproved kid from some third world country, in spite of having been warned that the most I could have done with such a kid until it had seen a doctor would be to feed it a glass of milk, or it would end up with serious medical problems.

But, albeit arising out of the ubiquitpous and eternal law of opposites, out of that sort of beginnignarises...

"Ex Fundus Egressus sum!"

Or, as the ancient romands would so have had it "Out of the black hole of He!! I am arisen!" That, not only for me, but as much would have been had I had the chance to adopt a child that way.

As it happens the resources to take on that reponsibility were never in my hands, yet in principle for many more the legacy remains!

However when a person seeks to decry what is truly above their decrying METTLE (Character in Shakespearian terms) We, also must decry equal and opposite!

Some Baby! Some mettle in fathering!

More and more I see the protests of the mess on You tube, from young heroes of mettle as oyung as that young lady age 13 from Vancouver in the voideo entitled

"The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes."

The parental abuse I suffered was not one of parental violence or material denial, anything but...

It was all about denial of the basic life learning that every child needs, for him/herself, fand also for the ultimate common good of society from the moment he/she enters school to his last day!

Now might I then have to repeat this in French and Spanish also!
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R. E. Bruce Martin

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Bonjour de Canada! Il serait interessante si il serait convenient d'incorporer 2 trames audio dans le video, un aven le commontaire anglais et les sons des trains et de l';alentour, le deuxieme avec les vox et commentaires des Francais dans leur voix naturels, ce dernier qu'ou puisse connaitre mieux le vrai ambience de ces quartiers mobiles de la France Urbaine!
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R. E. Bruce Martin

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At age age of 70, having seen the good, "the bad and the ugly", and , in retirement doing my own independent psychological research on the internet, I would rue the day that anyone would show the propensity to take revenge on a narcissist.

IMHO, More likely than not the result of such an approach to the problem would be exacerbative rather than helpful.

Of a person wishing such revenge, I would see him/her as being vindictive, returning evil for evil with the added danger that the returning impact of the alleged narcissist endangering not only the vindictive reproacher, but potentially endangering many others at random, possibly very unseen by the original vindictive respondent.

Some of the goings on I see from cyberspace as much as from others and the public on the streets I find a tad suggestive of "The match in the gasoline!"

Nonetheless, I then set out to do a bit more research from which, at a minimum I will gain my own edification and small attendant joy of knowing, but maybe become the witness of others learning from my words, common sense style.

Also, I did not forget the question if I, in fact may also have the NPD problem, even if there never has been that medical diagnosis, and may never be....

And so from my notes, having that strong propensity to public speaking and writing,m whether or not any of it is ever published, a slice of my personal reaction to that same question:


"Notwithstanding whether I. Bruce may believe I, myself am or am not, stricken with NPD, I am very ethically concerned with what anyone, clinical professional, or not, and as much or more myself has, is, or would show propensity to do with the problem in anyone where it may exist.

So, in words of a much more emotional language than my native English, albeit thinking figuratively to use the right tool for the job...

¡ Haber compasión es la hija de han sida sofríe !

Therefore, that moralistic and Christian sense...

To have compassion is the daughter of having suffered!"


R. E. Bruce Martin

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I always like it when the German is not suppressed in a Lufthansa or German wings flight.

I don't speak German, but Just hearing the sounds, combined with the circumstances tells a lot.

I also remember the video of Captain Fraser. she was something special.. Not only for her aviation experiences, byut her whole background was so beautifully depicted.

I have never had the chance to visit europe, and may well never be able to. I am 70 years old and, in retirement,  far from having the money to do so. so unless I were to come by a windfall, I sit at my computer ans watch it all from all over the globe.

This pilot was not as polished in English as Capt. Fraser, but I still appreciated his special effort. Hopefully he is young enough to have the years in front of him to reach the top.

Had I been that, I could have given him a real set of encouraging words, and maybe some help with English that he might not have gotten ajust anywhewre.

I love languages, public speaking and all that goes with the learning.

go fo it! Mr. Pilot (sorry I didn't catch his name.)

R. E. Bruce Martin

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Dear Joey:

Before even getting to hear your video, let me say: "Kudos!" for having come out with anything of this type for the sake of all!

For anyone else seeing this who may be concerned on one way or another abot this type of revelation, be it said that NO-one has any moral or sociological right to opportunise the mental or physical health challenges of another! (Not to say this doen't appen. It all too definitely does, and laws usualy fall short of controlong such abuses, worse still, if laws were to try and adequately regulate all the aspects of opportunism, abuse, psychological bullying and abuse, there would be just as serious, but different problems arising.

By now it should be obvious to all that I, also have seen a hard enough life with interpersonal problems which may well have been somewhat comorbid with any number of tghe many, many complex elements in ths area.

Ironically, serious life problems, whether physiological or mental and to have a reverse effect at times, that as a part of the ubiquitous and eternal law of opposites.

More simply put, "Necessity is the mother of invention!", but given that driving necessity, "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

Much of this started for me at the age of 16, albeit in the middle of a period of intense peer violence that happened in 2 Canadian provinces, over a period of about 8 years, at times with weapons involved.

Next, Let me point out that I am not 70 years old, and retired, as times when I was young were a very different world than today..

Zbout 6 weeks before final exams, that teacher, from half way around the world, stopped the class, and announced...

"It is time to call a moratorium so we can study for exams."

Bruce (me) stop dissertating everyone male or female, interested or not, in your technical electronic dissertations...

And the rest of you stop the violence, so we can studey for exams!

In retrospect and with extremely explicit detail remembered, I think the resuls were so good that even that very special tecaher would not have realized fully the good he had done!

Some of these students were residential, others were local. all had rich parents to have been financially able to attend this expensive private school, at the time the only one of its kind in Canada.

Later, on the city street intersection nearest the school, for the first time in my lofe, I saw young people treating each other with some respect! Not only that, but also treating ME with similar respect! For me this was totally a surprise!

about a week or so later, standing on the south-east corner of that same intersection, thinking to cross that major city street, I suddenly stopped and it dawned on me that "I must have some very serious "personality problem" (I had no better name for it than that.) I did not know what it was, but I DID know what I didn't know.

I also knew I had to fight that problem, no holds barred, tooth and nail, and surmised I would likely be fighting it for the rest of my life or close to it.

Now, at age 70, having done just that in my own staunchly independent way, I have sound ANSWERS! I learned by "the School of hard knocks!"

But this never had daunted me. At a time much younger, when some adult said to me: "Beware the School of Hard Knocks!", I immediately faced him and said:

"I never FEARED the school of hard knocks!"

Again, in retrospect, and the saying more for the benefit of posterity than myself, I say:

The School of Hard Knocks IS hard knocks, very hard ones at times but it was never a dull one, and I don't regret that choice. When you learn from The School of hard Knocks, you learn the ACID TRUTH, ultimately having TORN ASUNDER all the lies,biases, prejudices and the rest, then to prove it you will have to "reassemble the alarm clock" the right way, at least intelectually.

"This above all, to thine own self be true...."  but if another would say to me about hard and adamant, yet judicious decisions, "but, You don' care, do you!" I will immediately retort "Tough Love, I Care!"

And just because in Canada we do not have the same problem with guns America does makes far less difference even in that, than so many lull themselves to believe.

A murderer does not need a gun to do his dirty work. Murder is murder, no matter what! I could provide lots of proof from the many and varied experts whos brains I have picked, but to do that, I would be typing here for weeks or months with all the detail!

Unfortunately it would be unsafe for me to leave my email address personal coordinates here as I otherwise, might be able to tell my story in terms more adapted to clinicians for the sake of the value I know, not withstanding all, it holds for posterity, even though posterity may well choose ignore all to much of it.

Once again "Tough Love", and "The early bird will get the worm!"

As I seek to close this for now, I would expect that pretty much all here will realize that I am a person who LOVES public speaking, be it in english, French or Spanish!

And in a city where there are some 80 languages in a day and where diversity IS the majority, as with many others, we see ourselves lucky, in spite of other disadvantages, to have the whole world on out doorsteps, and have far less need to spend a lot of money getting on an airplane to know the world (although in my career and more I have over 1 million KM. on the road, not counting countless fly and drives in 3 languages and 3 countries.

Of all thos I have seen come from lives of hell, none has anyone seen the lies of what I have doe=ne with it, but that is never measured in money.

In me tercero lingua:

¡ Haber compasión es la hija de han side sofrie !

If you heard me say this in a speech, no-one would need to understand one word of Spanish to realize:


"To have compassion is the daughter of having suffered!

Keep on watching You Tube, AND the comments. Everything is there, from the sublime to the ridiculous and the downright inane.

I do not have the time and resources to be worth trying to run and maintain a personal charitable blog, so I respond when I can to various and diverse You Tube videos on a number of topics, mostly in English, but at least one in Spanish, and likely a few in French.

Some comments I see are only a few words, mine are more likely to be nearly 200 lines, somewhat akin to this one.

Often enough we are clled to "be our brother's keeper" but all too often this comes up stained with the disparaging.

So be your brother's keeper when the need truly arises, do not shirk, but do it the RIGHT way! and lead by example.

R. E. Bruce Martin

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This reminds me of the acidly cynical words of Paul Simon's old song "Kodachrome".

At that time I reasonably suspect he was forced to be far more "circumspect" about his "black and white" (AKA Bull!!!) that we need to be today.

Albeit, at the age of 70 I have seen a lot, and ardently chose to knowing very well ,against all odds, why I needed to!

Nonetheless, as early as the age of 5 (about 1949, when I five year old was regarded as a baby), In my own little way, I saw the dangers of anything less than the whole acid truth!

No doctor or psychologist at the time would have had any inking about what "Little Brucie" truly was, and certainly not my parents. The elephant memory with its inexorable and exhaustive explicitness would make the point givent the speaking time!

In High school, I wanted to go to McGill and become an engineer. Money was no object. My parents were not poor even if they were not millionares).

However, McGill, being short of seats at the time demanded very competitive entrance exams, not only in math and sciences, but also in the humanities e.g. History and literature. These 2 subjects I would typically have marks on the range of 13%. Try as I might, I was not able to improve them, even going to summer school etc.

Tech School Trauma:

Nobody seemed to know why at the time, but today I DO, but at my age this is for posterity more than it ever will be for me. I will only glean the altruistic joy if posterity is ready, willing and able to benefit from what I have fought most of a lifetime to exorcise!

Added to that, the English school system in Quebec at the time also had another problem in their own right, and that still pervades to this day,albeit with a slightly different face.

They regarded all the young students as either "Board room material" or "drop-out bums", nothing in between.

At the time, I was socializong with a noce group of teenagers in the local Y.M.C.A. at that time. I would sometimes walk 5 miles in the dead of wintern night, and aacross a part of a frozen lake to get there. I knew the dangers of the ice, and that if I fell through I would not come back alive, but I also knew what not to approach to survive.

Well, in spite of all, I am still very alive!

On one Wednesday evening with that group, A special converstion arose.

But first, note that I only knew these teenagers from there, as they were part of a different community and schiool board's schools.

As the conversation opened, one of the others there remarked to another:

"Alex, we haven't seen you for a while. What are you doing?"

Alex then replied "I am taking auto mechanics at L'ecole du metiere de l'automobile, corner of Pine and St. Denis."

(At that time such a thing, and in French when bilingualism in Quebec was far,far from what it is today, this was like a foreign country, )

Immediately Alex was bgombnarded with every student question imagineable from all.

While I am known to be a very talkative person, I also listen and talk at the same time - much less noticed!

This time I was dead silent, and ears wide open.

The more the questions and answers were forthcoming, thr more attentive I was. Both my mother and were very worrined about my education and future aas it had been markedkly problematic through high school, albeit mised with a lot of intensive peer violence.

(I did not want the violence and normallty tried to avoid it as aggressively ans I could, and at a time when bullying was not regulated in schools as it is today at all!)

As I sat listening, I realized that this might be the answer to my educational crisis.

When the questions subsided, I had one more question:

"Alex! do they also have electronics?"

Alex replied: Yes! if fact that is what most of the guys are taking, but that is at Montreal Institue of Technology, 200 Sherbrooks St. W.)"

YOU COULD NOT STOP ME!! I grilled Alex with every relevfant student question imagineable.

Then, now at home I said to my mother: "Mom, I need bus money" and followed with the whole story.

"Bus money" at the time was about the equivalent of $16.00 in today's money to get downtown and back, some 20 miles each way, and that did not include the city buses.

I had the money immediately which would not have been the case for much else.

So Downtown I went on the appropriate day and sat through the introductory session. In this we were told that we could enter with Grade 9 and go through prep year with its shop stages, or we could enter at the grade 11 level and, joined by the prep grads from the previous year, pass 3 years of specialization, culminating in the << Diplome d'etudes technique >>. this was essentially a community college diploma, not a university degree. However as the school received about 1350 applications each year and could only accommodate 850 in the available space, we would have to write very competitive entrance exams, and there would also be aggressive weedng out in the first year.

After that, I want to ask: "I have my grade 11, but my ,math was not well taught in the latter years. If I don't make it with the grade 11 group, can I reuse the results to qualify with the grade 9's. I don't mind the extra year."

"Yes, I could do that" a small relief in the crisis.

On the second trip into town we w the entrance exams, and were told to return for the results on a specified date later...

On that third trip, when the results were read, first for the Grade 11 groupo, I was not in the list, so I was somewhat anxious.

When the grade 9 list was read, and I was also not in the list, I was VERY anxious, so I went up to the desk to find out why, as I dod not suspect it to be the marks on the exam.

Nothing significant was forthcoming, so, back hoime with the disconceritng news, I told my mother.

Nonetheless, I did get in, but not by the normal method.

The school was very beholding to its employers that hired the graduates.

While nothing explicit was ever said my parents, being upper middle class were friends with many of these companies' executives.

And so, my reasonable surmise was that by what was known oin the day as "pull" or influence, at some private dinner party some or all of these executives would have heard the message and behind the scenes told the school more or less, that they would be well behoved to accept me anyway or they would not get their graduates hired as they would like.

In the first year, as we did our stages, each with a hands on project, I would have ready an alternative project covering excatly the same skills but far more advanced and complicated, and ace them all from a pragmatic point of view, in many and diverse trade specialties.

During the first trimester, one of the teachers sent a nasty letter to us threatening to get me out of there. Upsetting as it was, it blew over. Simply pout the teacher had no authority to intervene, as he was an employee. Had that been known to the management, he would likely have been in trouble himself.

At the end of the first trimester of first year "actually my second year there because of prep year), Mr. De Koning, the chemistry teacher entered the class and announced" I have just returned form the staff meeting and we have all your results of the Christmas exams. We know who is to stay and who must go."

As you can well imagine, the whole class was extremely excited, but not just on their own accounts. I had a personality of a hated person! they were just as hopeful that I would be weeded out.

As Mr. de Koning went through the list, some would stay others would leave. But at the end of the ist there had been no mention of me.

(Note: If it were not for the fact that given the years, Mr. de Konig would now be either retired or deceased, I could not have used his name, in respect of protecting his career and reputation from abuse.)

In reply, Mr. DeKoning faced me and said" Bruce, you have a 755 general average, amply good enough to stay, but you havre all the teachers lined up in 2 camps as to whether you will stay or go."

You can imagine the uproar of the class, but in the end the teachers were all employees and had no such authority more than the teacher who had written the improper letter, consequently I stayed, not withstanding the salient "dirty little secrets".

By the end of third year, in the spring of 1987, I graduated on the Friday, moved out of home on the same weekend so I could get to work for 8AM the Monday and that same weekend Expo 67, Montreal's world fair started.

Realizing that Expo was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I decided to do nothing more than eat, sleep, work and Expo for the 6 month duration of expo, then aradjust at the end of that. And so began a long, tumultuous exciting, and highly diverse career, albeit another long, exceptional and complex story for another occasion - Some baby!

In its time, Montreal Instutute of Technology had a 60 year standing reputation of being one of the best tech schools in Quebec.

In 1963 we had done a small survey of 30 of ourselves to see what languages people spoke then. All 30 were fluently bilingual and 10 spoke 3 or more languages fluently, hightly exceptional at the time! The third languages were anything and everything one might have imagined.

My thesis earned a mark of 87% as I graduated (14th of 29 remaining of the original 90 or so in the so-called English section.)

This, in spite of the rule that arbitrarily lost 1% per day the typed version was late. At the time I had to wait 10 days for a neighbour who was to type it, as she was then typing a doctoral thesis for McGill.

Obviously had it not been for the lateness the mark would have been 97%, but as that school closed its last year in existence, one of the teachers who had been there for many yuears remarked of my thesis that it was one of the very few engineering level theses they had seen from a tech studfent in that 60 year history.

For the geeky types of today,: when we started they were teaching us about vacuum tubes. By second year they qwere dealing with the rudiments of transistors. By the time I did my thesis, my design of an autopolarity sample and hold electronic voltmeter includee vauum tubes, gas filld tubes, transistors and field effect transistors.

At that time Field effect transistors were the bleeding edgoe of electronics, the first few examples having been out on the market by Texas Instruments.

History repeats itself! Everybody knows it, few respect it! to the Millennials and posterity, yoiu can do uit too in your time, where there's a will there's a way!

R. E. Bruce Martin

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As a 70 year old retired electronic technicia=ian who had largely a career on the road with some 1 million or more Km. under my belt, not counting the many fly and drives in 3 languages and 3 countries, the aothor is right. But when your job means also the logistics of taking a lot of "stuff" along to do the job, this gets even more complicated.

However,, I think it need be menationed about all advice-giving that if it has the slightest hint of pressure, whether overt heavy-handedness or softer peer pressure involved, the benefot os as lost as the tecahings of an elementary shool teacher who teaches in a pedantic (albeit condescending ) manner. What kid..  is going to grok (accept) that!

It is said that we learn from our mistakes, but as the author, in a more casual style pointed out ndorectly, we all learn from ALL rthe mistakes we have witnessed, but to whatever ongoing degree we are wont (so desirous).

"Where there's a will there's a way." but also "Necessity is the mother of invention." Therein lieth the generator of the will, but all too often too late!

If I were to tell you the rest of my personal history that story would be exceptionally long, complex and deep, and the mere fact I am still alvive to tell it happens to say I did it right. when you deal with Liquid explosives, Nuclear waste and heavy electrical power you either do it right or maybe not come back alive!

Nature also has its dangers, and that story of "The great snake" tells how, with no adult around, I saved my life from that deadly snake in about 30 seconds at the age of 4 1/2!
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