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Daniel Rempel

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Hey Izzy and viewers - check out this method of using a sled with some wedges in a thickness planer: WoodShop Tricks

Daniel Rempel

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Matt makes a great point. I'm often tempted to try to disprove the existence of gods, but it's not necessary to do so. The burden of proof lies on the theist. If you tell me you have an invisible friend that you talk to every day, I have no obligation to disprove your claim before I decline to share your belief. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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Looks great April. I just moved my drill press onto a table but this has me thinking about putting it on a moving cart.

One comment on the design though because this looks about the height of what I used to have my press on. I ultimately found it was too low. Ideally you want the controls and work surface close to eye level. In your case you could easily fix this by building a sorry box as an extra "story" on this cart.

Just a suggestion. My press was to low for a long time but i just never realized it, so I wanted to save you the same fate. 

Daniel Rempel

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In no way did this guy "destroy" anything.

Abiogenesis: we know this happened because at one point the earth was ball of molten rock and iron with no life, and somehow, later on, there were microbes. Once there was no life, and then later, there was.

 It is true we don't yet have a solid answer about how this happened, but we have multiple hypotheses. What we certainly don't have is any proof that a supernatural miracle was required. What happened in this instance is that just once, somewhere on this earth, the simplest possible kind of self-replicating molecule came into existence. An amazing thing, no doubt, but when you think of the countless times atoms and molecules collide each second, and continue that for a billion years in the chemical soup of the early earth, it becomes a virtual certainty that one of those untold numbers of reactions would result in the spark to create life. If you bought a trillion lottery tickets, you would be sure to win.

The Resurrection: this is a totally different process. We are talking about a complete reversal of the process of death, after three days, in a large, complex organism, in only one possible instance, where countless little microbes have been busily starting to decompose the body since the moment of death. The odds of this happening naturally are virtually zero.
There is also no physical evidence that it happened. With abiogenesis, there is ample evidence.
I believe that there's no good reason to believe something without good reason.
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