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Spent several hours cleaning out garage. Called Harmon's to insure they took all the scrap metal I had. Called about 11:30 a.m.. "Come on up, were open" I said I'll be there shortly. Showed up at 12:10 p.m. and one of the "yard dogs" smoking in the parking lot said, "You'll have to come later, we are at lunch and we just clocked out." I took it all somewhere else and wrote this review. Called office in TN and they said "We don't have to put lunch hours on the website.".....and, for me to "get a f###ing life" Word of mouth will make or break a business!
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After a month of searching we found a 2011 Avalon at Bill Penney....A 2011. Price was higher than book but we were OK with it because it was in very good shape and had low mileage. We drove it, inspected it, talked and BS'ed for a while and then the salesman said that they have some wiggle room on the price. GREAT! Waited for him to return and yes, there was wiggle room but not in my favor! They wiggled the price UP an ADDITIONAL $1700.00 !!!! and NO, that 1700 dollars did NOT include the taxes or licensing! 600 dollar Doc Fee!!! 300 dollar "Sales Services" (whatever that is!) and 800 dollars because they wanted to say it was "certified" (CROCK). HAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE! We WERE a customer since 2004 but NO MORE! Good job "Zack get every Penney you can"! And us for a customer survey!! What a bunch of IGITS! We hung up on them! DON'T BUY HERE unless you absolutely don't respect your money! EDIT: Just because I really, really hated being treated like a second rate customer and then the attempt to obtain additional profits through deception which appears to be because I DO have an above 800 FICO score. The cars they advertise on their web site ARE NOT THERE! BUT....they will be happy to direct you to something else you think is in your budget but wait about an hour and find out you are being deceived!!! Go to is less, doc fees are less or non-existent, and there is no added charges for nothing (like sales services) WHAT A JOKE! Stay away from Bill Penney and this woman that says to call is an IGIT too! Why do I need to call you when you disrespected me and my wife and our intelligence??? YOU should be calling me!
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