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How-To Geek is now 5 years old.

What started out as a fun side project has turned into a full-time job for myself and a number of writers. It's been an amazing ride, and we're going to continue to work hard to provide great how-to articles for every topic we can think of.

Few fun facts:

- We had 8,127 pageviews in our first month back in 2006.
- Last month: 10 million pageviews.
- 5,856 posts
- 170,000 email newsletter subscribers
- 95,000 RSS subscribers
- 25,000 Twitter followers
- 22,000 Facebook fans

I've attached pictures of what HTG looked like through the years, just to prove that web design is not that important... the site was sooo ugly back then!
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If you have Sirius radio you can listen to a call with me tomorrow on the Brent Loucks morning show. My call will be at 6:15 AM PDT about my How-To Geek article.
You can also listen live if you are awake.

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We're hiring a geeky how-to writer, somebody to focus on Windows 7, home networking, and similar topics. Pass it on.

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Nice... according to Google Analytics, How-To Geek has had 100 million unique visitors since we started.

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