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I believe I have played this video game :) Glad to see someone trying to make it real
Great to see +Planetary Resources -- a company I invested in launch officially today. Their first mission: to mine asteroids for the benefit of humanity!
Check out the video below.

What could you do with a huge amount of currently rare materials on earth? Or a lot of raw material for building things in space?

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I am so going to get one of these when they come out.

To all of my local home brew friends I just found a new Brewing, Vinting shop that opened on Friday out in Florence. It is right next to the Buffalo wild wings off Huston rd. I stopped in and the selection of stuff was Nice.

On my way to the house Of Blues in New Orleans

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This is too cool not to share.
I want them to put this kind of work into a new back. I and quite a few other people could use one.

Went and saw Captain America last night at the midnight showing. I enjoyed it. And I would like to confirm that there is something after the credits. Apparently in the early showings and review screenings there was not.
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