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Mark Butkus
Living life one poem, one photo, one moment at a time.
Living life one poem, one photo, one moment at a time.


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On the Road in Santa Cruz: Tilly Washburn Shaw Goes Vroom!
Flagrant metal chains of gear. Out walking in the fog on Westcliff Drive, everything becalmed & muffled way high up over the Pacific, when comes a rumbling and thrumming from afar, soon right upon us, a whole strip of them winding in and out of coastal curv...

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On the Road in Seattle: Harvey Danger, Sean Nelson and War Buddies
Resistance is already forming. Let's be war buddies Waist deep in big muddies side by side I'd be the atheist in your foxhole anytime Let's be friendly fire Body counts are mounting on a bed of barbed wire coldly stacked As soon as the morning light has bro...

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On the Road in Seattle: Love and the Pongo Poetry Project
The courage of the poet's pen is expressed in Seattle public art. At the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle we came upon a booth for the Pongo Poetry Project. Pongo is a 25-year-old Seattle-based nonprofit that has helped more than 7000 teens inside jai...

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First Lines Second Thoughts — Philip Roth and Portnoy's Complaint
She was so deeply imbedded in my consciousness that for the first year
of school I seem to have believed that each of my teachers was my mother
in disguise. First Lines Second Thoughts is an occasional look at the first lines of well known literary works....

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Stacy Rae Lake is Something Current for Now
Now I am a boat resting at a dock. When I looked down at the beach My toes were made of crumbling sand Each grain of sand spoke to me offering significant steps to unfoldment A big white crane majestic and shore footed standing still and solid stared and wo...

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Nora May French asks, How Ends The Day?
The end of day at the Mission in Carmel. We wandered where the violets bloom,     beside the sunlit stream. We saw, where on the crystal waves,     the water lilies dream. Their gold hearts wreathed in leaves of     pearl, all silvered by the sun, We heard ...

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Bar None — Brenda Hawley and Passing a Hangover
Remnants of the night before. My mind is numb today Everyday play, play, play Need to take a break today I declare today a movie day Oh but wait it's 8 o'clock! Watched a movie, snacked alot Slowly changing are my thoughts Feel like giving it all I've got C...

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Charles Bane Jr.'s The Chapbook — Harry Truman as a Child
Born this day, 1884, Happy Birthday Harry! The fields were boxed into sounds, weren’t they, as carefully as books beside your bed, and a necktie draped for the next day on a chair? And you owned it all, didn’t you? You owned the priceless fields and start o...

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Where the Wild Things Sleep
The Rock House in Anza Borrego Desert is home to many an overnight hiker. Desert silhouettes Winter creosote Dusk escapes Through fissures In rock walls White contrails Turn pink Before dissipating The moon, Blue midweek Shines like a tenement bulb The grou...
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