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Doug Simmons
Jack of many trades, master of one or two
Jack of many trades, master of one or two

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A short short story
Reader's Digest has an interesting feature these days.  They publish several very short stories which are described as true stories told in 100 words or less. Something that short presents an interesting challenge.  A story must be pared down to the absolut...

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Parting Ways
It is with sadness and great
difficulty that we have reached the conclusion that we must separate ourselves
from the Episcopal Church –USA (TEC), and therefore the Diocese of the Central
Gulf Coast and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Marianna, FL.   We joine...

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Peace The oppressive heat of the afternoon has yielded to the
temperate early evening.   The world has
drifted from brightness through shades of amber and ruddy orange and into
deepening blue.   The faint buzz of myriad
insects has been overtaken by the hum...

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A Notable Anniversary
I catch just enough television to know that this summer of
2014 marked several significant anniversaries.   It was the 50 th anniversary of The Beatles arriving in the
US.   It was the 45 th anniversary of the first landing of mankind on the moon (hard to b...

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Man and Environment
I am a part of my local ecology.   That’s hardly surprising, of course, because
each of us is a part of our particular local ecologies.   The thing is, sometimes it is easier to remember
because of the way we experience it. I missed the first “Earth Day” ev...

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The Fundamental Question
owns you?                 Let me
put it this way:   who owns each of us?
You and me?                 As a
Christian it is tempting to say that, of course, God owns me.   All of us, actually.   There is a sense in which this is true.    A...

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On the “Body of Christ”
This was written as a comment on another blog in response to a discussion about ecumenism and the apparent weakness of efforts toward that goal.  I share it here as well: I was raised in a Southern Baptist church (of the high sort, to the extent that
there ...

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Blogging as therapeutic substitute.

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I"m not an expert, but...
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