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Swiftwater Sail and Power Squadron
Boating Is FUN We Will Show You How
Boating Is FUN We Will Show You How


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>> New Location <<

Immediately following the meeting, Margaret Szepaniec from the Buffalo Riverkeepers will speak on the progress and future plans for the Buffalo waterfront.
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Come join us for a wonderful weekend at the Erie Basin Marina.

We have extended the RSVP until 16 August.

Pizza and wings dock party on Friday evening
Breakfast to be provided by the Bridge on Saturday
Hollywood Nights themed Dinner at the Hatch on Saturday
Continental Breakfast Sunday

Here is a link to the flyer -
And a link to the Activity flyer -

Rendezvous Planning Committee
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Message received from P/D/C Donald R. Stark:

Subject: USPS ARC Celebrates 100 Anniversary of ARRL and USPS

1914 was a great year. In that year Roger Upton joined with others to form the United States Power Squadrons. In the same year, 1914, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) was founded by Hiram Percy Maxim to assist amateur radio operators in passing radio messages. Both organizations have as their core community service and education. Both organizations encourage their members to practice high standards of operating skill. Both organizations have commanded great respect in their fields: USPS in boating education and ARRL in radio technology and operating skill. ARRL and USPS have worked together on several fronts through the past several years. We know that radio communication is a key element in boating enjoyment and safety. Amateur Radio has a special role for those traveling offshore.

To celebrate this dual 100th anniversary, members of the USPS Amateur Radio Club have joined together with ARRL in operating a special event radio station in Newington, CT, at ARRL Headquarters. They will be operating the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, W1AW on 1 & 2 June 2013. Coincidentally, 2013 is the 75th Anniversary of W1AW. It is a triple celebration!

We welcome all USPS licensed amateur radio operators to join us in Newington to assist in operating the station, one of the finest in the world. W1AW has three separate studios and many can operate at the same time on multiple frequencies using a variety of modes. With your help, we will make this one of the featured events of this 100 year celebration.

If you can’t join us in person, please join us on the air. We will be operating Single Side Band (SSB) from 0900-1700 EDT on 7.265, 14.265, 21.365, and 28.365 MHz. We look forward to contacting hams around the world during this special celebration.

For more information or to volunteer as an operator, please contact P/D/C Donald Stark, JN, N3HOW, at

The USPS Amateur Radio Net can be found at 14.287 MHz every Saturday at 1700 GMT.
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Courtesy of V/C Tim Phillips

I went to a question and answer meeting at the Buffalo Launch Club.
The following authorities were present:

     US Coast Guard
     Canadian Coast Guard
     US Sherriff
     Canadian Police
     US Border Patrol
     Canadian Border Patrol
* Here is one of the questions that got quite a bit of attention…. *
Can a vessel leaving US waters, go through Canadian waters, and re-enter US waters without calling in to Canada or the US?
Example, traveling around Grand Island via the West river or traveling in and out of Big Six marina to travel to East river?
YES, it is called “Innocent passage” as long as these conditions are met:
1. Everyone on vessel must have identification including children.

2. If children on board are not yours, they should have a letter from their parents stating it is ok for them to be on your vessel in Canadian waters.

3. All alcohol must be put away, caped (it can be previously opened) and not easily accessible.  An empty bottle is not considered an open bottle.

4. You must be under power, in gear even if it is at an idle to get from point A to point B.

5. You must not be zigzagging back and forth across the river.
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Swiftwater's Nominating Committee will present the state of officers to lead our Squadron for 2013 - 2014.
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Entering Canadian Waters...    
(Taken from the Education Department page of USPS.ORG)

Many of us who boat in northern coastal regions and the Great Lakes frequently enter Canadian territorial waters during planned cruises and even during day excursions. We have long advised our membership that Canadian law applies once the international border has been crossed regardless of the intent to land in a Canadian port. Most of us are familiar with the need to be compliant with regulations when visiting Canada and reporting procedures on returning to the USA.

To further facilitate communication and avoid the propagation of misinformation this note will advise on current procedures to follow when entering Canadian waters. The rules are unambiguous although the interpretation provided by presenters at squadron and yacht club meetings aimed at updating memberships have been less than complete in the past and often provided conflicting opinions.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) website contains a wealth of information to explain the details of the processes: A short synopsis is available in this PDF document (292KB).

Regardless the intent to land in Canada and visit a marina we are required to document crossing the international border by calling the Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC). Call 1-888-226-7277.
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Swiftwater Sail and Power Squadron Inc., a unit of United States Power Squadrons®, was chartered on 28 August 1957. A small group of forty men, members of Buffalo Squadron, saw the need for a squadron in the northern suburbs of Buffalo. This group met at the Elks Lodge in North Tonawanda to organize the new Squadron.

The first Commander of Swiftwater Power Squadron was David Roughhead. Since its beginning, Swiftwater has grown from forty members to a membership of over two hundred men and women. Swiftwater is a non-profit fraternal boating organization of both sailors and power boaters with an outstanding record of educational and civic achievements.

Throughout its history, members have enthusiastically enjoyed teaching the boating public safe boating skills, furthering their own nautical education, and assisting NOAA with chart corrections to our waterways and geodetic marker recovery.

As a fraternal boating club, members are offered a full schedule of social and group activities throughout the year.
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