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All I want is for people not to be able to add me without first asking me... I don't have the time to go through all the people who are adding me and block those whom I don't know. This is stupid! Who thought of this dumb adding system?
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You don't have to share with Public. It's like Twitter; just let people whom you don't know follow you (have you in their circles) and only share public things with Public.
کسی که تو رو به سیرکل‌هاش اضافه می‌کنه، پست‌های خودش رو با تو به اشتراک می‌ذاره اما نمی‌تونه پست‌های تو رو ببینه (البته اگه مثل این پست پابلیک نباشه). هر چی می‌خوای شِر کنی رو می‌تونی مشخص کنی کدوم سیرکل‌ها ببینن یا نبینن. حالا هِی لغز و لیچار و لنترانی بار این پلاس بدبخت کن!
this is just like someone sending you an add request on FB. you can see a limited part of their profile but they cannot see your info (assuming you already went into your settings and changed it so that only people in your circles can see what you share).
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