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Patricia Metten
Mama van 2 dochters en echtgenote van een geweldige vrouw.
Mama van 2 dochters en echtgenote van een geweldige vrouw.


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Pluk een Roos en test een Cactus
Is het jou al overkomen? Je bent op vakantie en mist stiekem je naaimachine. Je kan het niet laten om dagelijks al je favoriete Facebook groepjes te begluren. Lang leve het afschaffen van de roaming-kosten binnen Europa! Je plant in je hoofd alle naaisels d...

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Montis Tunic & Dress - mashup
So you've probably noticed that Sofilantjes releaseda new pattern: the MONTIS TUNIC & DRESS! Did you know this pattern can be combined with two other patterns? The Solis AND the Litore skirts can be used with the new pattern. Several testers already showed ...

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Montis Tunic & Dress option B
As said in my previous post , Sofilantjes released a new pattern: the MONTIS TUNIC & DRESS This great Summer dress pattern has 2 bodice options. The first one, option A, is fully lined and has 3 straps. This is the version I showed in my previous post. In t...

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Montis Tunic & Dress - option A
Three girls, three different dresses, one pattern... and I have 3 more dresses to show you... . #sneekpeak #sofilantjespatterns #newpdfpattern #soontobereleased #montistunicanddress #montistuniekenjurk Een bericht gedeeld door MoonStar - Pat M (@wondermirak...

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The Celebration Sequel
A birthday comes with
surprises.  This surprise is for Anne, designer of Sofilantjes Patterns, to
celebrate 3 years of great pattern designing. Last Friday I showed you my Wardrobe Capsule for miss Miracle with some Elvelyckan Design fabrics. Today
I'm show...

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Birthday Dress - Sofilantjes 3rd anniversary blogtour
First things first: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Sofilantjes Patterns!!! 3 years of great patterns 😍 Miss Miracle's Birthday goes hand in hand with Sofilantjes' Birthday, so she always ends up in a beautiful Sofilantjes Birthday Dress! This time I got inspired by ...

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Neon Pink Geneva Cardigan
Somehow somewhere down the line her favorite color changed from pink to blue. All you girl-mothers: did it happen to yours? Friends with older daughters told me it would happen and for the longest time I thought they were wrong. It looked as though it wasn'...

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Leilani Swing Dress & Romper by Modkid Patterns
Twins... it's something special. As a child I had 2 identical friends, although I didn't see it that way. Nobody could keep them apart, but for some reason it was very easy for me to tell who was K & who was A. What was really identical was their wardrobe. ...

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Mantica Dress by Sofilantjes
This blogpost is all about showing you as many pictures as possible. Sofilantjes released the Mantica Dress and Tunic today. It was a priviledge to test this pattern. Deze blogpost draait helemaal om het laten zien van zoveel mogelijk foto's. Sofilantjes br...

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Sylva Top and Tunic by Sofilantjes - part 2
Yesterday I posted about the Sylva Tunics I made for my little miss Miracle. Today it is miss Wonder's time to shine in her Sylva Top and Tunic. Gisteren postte ik hier iets over de Sylva Tuniekjes die ik voor juf Mirakel maakte. Vandaag is het juffer Wonde...
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