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Youth is king, old age everything.

E banna ha ke tshepe ntho tse bolelwang ke +Helen Zille ka 2017. I wonder hore +Democratic Alliance le +Mmusi Maimane bareng. Eish ho rough!!

Thanks again +Michael Ofori-Appiah!!

A Yoruba lawyer working in UK wrote to his wife in Nigeria.

Ajoke Darling,
I can't send you my salary this month because the global market crisis has affected my Company' s performance, so I am sending 100 kisses.
You are my sweetheart, please understand and adjust with this situation.
Your loving husband,

His wife replied...
Thanks for the 100 kisses.
Below is the list of expenses I paid with the Kisses...
1. The Rice man agreed on 2 kisses for half bag of rice.
2. The electricity man, Kabiru , agreed not to disconnect
only after 7 kisses.
3. Your landlord Mohammed comes every day to take 2 or 3
kisses instead of the monthly rent.
4. Supermarket owner Biodun did not accept kisses only, so I gave him other items, I hope you understand.
5. Miscellaneous expenses 40 kisses.
Please don't worry about me, I still have a balance of 35 kisses and I hope I can survive the month using this balance.
Shall I plan the same for the next month?
Your Sweet Heart,

Kunle is in hospital as u r laughing. 😀😀😂?

If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito - African proverb (Thanks +Michael Ofori-Appiah)

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Fascinating picture, not sure what it means or symbolises. 

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