Tip 16/50: Explore Formatting For Beautiful, Engaging Posts
Google+ posts don't have to be plain text. Add formatting including bold, italics, strike-through and bullet points to make them instantly more interesting.

OK, so for many of you this tip won't be a revelation but I still see many people neglecting to use formatting so I think it serves a good reminder.

Bold = Asterisk's (*) immediately either side of the text you want to embolden
Italic = Underscores (_) immediately either side of the text you want to slant
Strike-through = Hyphens (-) immediately either side of the text you want to cross out

I also use Ascii symbols as styled bullet points within my posts. To use these I simply copy and paste them into where I want them - you may want to bookmark this post so you have them for future reference :)

Some of my favourites include:


(click here for an even bigger list courtesy of +Hongkiat Lim: http://bit.ly/1au3Vf5)

This is just one of many Google+ tips, you can find more tips like this from the #googleplus50 series here: http://www.rickeliason.com/things-to-do-on-google-plus/


► If you want to expand on this with an additional point or idea, please comment below so others can learn from your awesomeness!

► Additionally, if you want to contribute tip I haven't yet covered in this series, please feel free to ping me and I will credit you if I use it!

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