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Looking for interesting challenge ( science , computers , etc )
Looking for interesting challenge ( science , computers , etc )


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Think of Israel as developed country? think again...

Yestreday Ministry of Communication Israel decided to take down Voc ,
Original article can be found here :
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Enjoy reading everyone.
Oifa Yulian

Position: Ministry of Communications has received surprisingly important decision on VoC and permanent services, these services stationary, requiring DFL license, even though they are made on your cellular mobile network. Analysis and decision motives exposure delusional.

Without prior notice to the public, the Ministry of Communications (in - 21/11 pm) signed CEO, a new policy limits the VoC (Tam: Voice over Cellular). A hearing, pinched years (the hearing was published in late 2010, indicating the speed of the work of the office). It is unclear what led to the decision it is now. However, the essence of the decision is quite clear: even dreamed they could not come up with such a bizarre invention: mobile service mobile broadband service will now be defined as stationary (lines) with all that entails: numbering lines, Ks"g lines, lines license conditions, etc. .

Obviously, there's a Submission tycoons carriers. For license VoC license designed to be part of the MVNO, and two companies that stood just to fulfill this service to the public and to establish new competition: Free Telecom and Sipmi. However, this service being the most severe threat to mobile operators (they caught him at the time), avoiding the office (not coincidentally) makes decisions.

The minister, who did not seem to understand what it is, leaving the handling of his officials (as opposed to communication law) and not make decisions, though Sipmi required him to decide, as it is written explicitly, and allow it to go into service, not a marketing experiment. Currently, probably under the security situation, advertisers still a decision that prevents small players in the media world (like Free Telecom and Sipmi) to enter this field. For DFL license (including unique DFL) is very expensive license with very strict conditions, with license easy and inexpensive (relatively) MVNO license required.

In fact, that's exactly it VoB operators license, currently, there was no doubt VoB independent Israeli communications market, which is not part of the big media (012 is part of Partner, 013 is part Cellcom, Bezeq International is part of Bezeq). This is because it is not easy to be an actor VoB with all the limitations that DFL unique license required to VoB, and now also to VoC.

This decision reveals, not for the first time: Who really ever stop the Israeli consumer's ability to receive advanced communication services at reasonable prices. These several officials of the Ministry of Communications, who have a very strange agenda. In 2007 the Ministry of Communications decided finally to recognize the existence of VoIP, more than a decade and a half after the introduction of this technology in public, and created a special license to VoB, enabling to provide telephony over the Internet. By 2009 the firm recognized that amazing, can move on VoIP and wireless mobile Internet, and created a temporary license, which gave Free Telecom (and then Sipmi), enabling them to provide a few thousand customers mobile VoIP services with a mobile number. Now it all goes down the drain. Furthermore, blocking service performed by Cellcom, even Free Telecom and Sipmi remain without appropriate regulatory response. Now, the new policy paper to VoC, threatening the firm does not agree with blocking this service. Really scary.

Despite the explicit instructions of the Prime Minister to make the temporary license that the VoC as license the MVNO set no later than from 1 January 2011, preferring Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon, and his staff to begin the debate about mysterious: "Is VoIP cellular differs from VoIP on the wired "and provide licenses. Three years of this strange debate continued, and in the meantime managed 012 using VoIP license its landline (Vob) and offer just such a service mobile also (and be swallowed by the partner). Even Lightning (Bphone) and Bezeq International began, long ago, to provide VoC, without any problems and questions. Free Telecom, which received a license to set required the Minister of Communications to give it, in fact eliminated, and Sipmi stuck alley (Kiryat Motzkin near Haifa).

Who studied the fine print of the new decision, he would find there the breach of indirect ("Israblof") of the new policy. At the end of Section 6 reads: "clarified MVNO license holder is not required a separate license ... such calls will be considered as incoming mobile telephony communication (radio - Telephone - Mobile = mobile) with all its implications." Ie: stupid, file a license application VoC only required obtain a license or DFL DFL unique and will be considered as providing landline services with landline numbers and linear regulation applies to happen. however, if the provider submits first MVNO license application, he did not need another license to VoC and this service will be considered a mobile competence with numbers phones and cheap mobile regulation. figured it out, gently, I do not.

The obvious result of the new document: Ministry prepares the "illegal creep" apparent today, Cellcom (Link) and Lightning (me Von) and other services 012 - Partner and Bezeq International and obstruct the competition and new companies. There were rumors that there was some secret promise or wink MIRS (now part HOT) will not VoC mobile ... Although repeatable Minister himself (declarative) Hot regulatory treatment, but it really does not stop from the CEO to make decisions strange and apparently this document confirms these rumors.

One can only imagine how she would look competition landline and mobile media has avoided the policy was firm licenses its irresponsible. A little strange that a year ago, the old cellular companies received permission to run VoC abroad, which is not defined for them as a service lines. Whether there is a firm decision, which was made a year ago for the older cellular companies?'s Not clear. Probably not. After about 18 years technology, the VoIP exists everywhere in the world, the Ministry of Communications remembered invent new inventions and create regulation of nowhere and make mobile service service stationary breath and Bphilfoltzih of words, scholars dreamed could never reach the level of wisdom in this. Certainly, the Ministry of Communications is an example to promote Israeli media service strange decision this foolishness.

Response Lior Banai, CEO of Free Telecom:

    "Invalid document, it is also contrary to the Arrangements Law, Resolution 2022, which defines MVNO operator may provide VOC no later than January 2011
    In addition, for the first time in the history of the office he did not make a distinction industry, but technology, and therefore, did LTE technology, generation 4, which is actually VOIP all along the line, will be the operator associated VOB lines and cellular company???? If the document will be implemented, I think I just need to ban office cellular companies run LTE!!
    I have not talked about SMS, I want to see the world roaming SMS movement numbered lines! It does not work! This contradicts the 3GPP standard!
    This policy does not meet the test of the High Court, the office has an opportunity to retract the document, or confront Supreme Court. "
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