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WAGTOPIA has been serving the pet sitting, dog walking, and animal relocating needs of pet owners for years. If you would like to learn more about how we can serve your particular needs, please use the contact information below. We can be reached during regular business hours, and we also have an emergency number for existing clients which we provide upon request.

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WAGTOPIA pet specialists offer the best solution to pet owners who have concerns about travel with their creature companion. We are able to provide care for both healthy and sick or recovering animals while you are out of town.

Call today to learn more about our pet sitting services!

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We provide a guarantee on all our services at WAGTOPIA because we know the safety and health of your pet is of the utmost importance. You can be assured that all of our staff in the San Jose Area are trained in the most modern pet care practices and medical standards to ensure the utmost care for your beloved family member. To learn more about our safety and health guarantees contact us.

The true pet care professionals at Wagtopia are a family of many backgrounds and interests all brought together because of our love for animals. We consist of Veterinary Technicians and Assistants, Animal Groomers, Dog Trainers, and Future Veterinarians. All of the Care Providers for Wagtopia in San Jose Area , are:

- Proud members of Professional United Pet Sitters
- 100% fully bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates
- Pet First Aid and CPR trained and certified through Pet Tech
- Registered HomeAgain Rescuers
- Equipped with a pet first aid kit, hygiene essentials, emergency equipment, and disaster protocols at all times
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San Jose Area pet specialists offer the best solution to pet owners who have concerns about travel with their creature companion. We are able to provide care for both healthy and sick or recovering animals while you are out of town.
Due to the fact that our Professional Pet Care Providers come to your home not only gives you the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are in safe hands but also the piece of mind knowing that they are relaxing in their home. The benefits of Wagtopia as opposed to boarding elsewhere include:
- Lower Stress Levels in the comfort of their homes
- Avoid Kennel Cough and other health concerns
- Ensure proper diet, medication, and exercise routine
- No Travel Trauma
- Avoid Anxiety and Boarding in a confined area
- Security for your home
- 365 Day Availability
- Care Providers with Veterinary Experience
- The piece of mind knowing your pets are receiving as much love and affection as you would give them
- All pets for one low price

Overnight Pet Sitting: $65 / night
All overnight stays include: Morning and evening dog walking and pet playtime, litter box and cage cleaning, feeding, household needs such as mail retrieval, watering of plants, and trash duty, administering medication if needed, an afternoon check-up, and an experienced Care Provider staying in your home to accompany your pets throughout the entire night.

Daily Pet Sitting Visits:
1 visit per day = $30
2 visits per day = $50
3 visits per day = $65
This is a service that Wagtopia offers that gives us the opportunity to work with pets that prefer a little extra attention from their Care Provider, without their Care Provider spending the night in your home. All daily visits include a: 30 – 45 minute visit to your home during your desired time of day to relieve your dog(s) for potty breaks, litter box and cage cleaning, feeding, household needs such as mail retrieval, watering of plants, trash duty, administering medication if needed, as well as a tuck in service if we are visiting in the evening.
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Wagtopia is proud to say that they have begun pairing up with the pet loving companies in the San Jose Area. Companies that allow their staff to bring their furry companions to work now have the raring to go Care Providers at Wagtopia to rely on when they are too tired or busy at the office. In order to avoid unnecessary interruptions during meetings or anxious pooches squirming with energy, our trained Care Providers are there for you and your companions for those needed late morning strolls or post lunch trots.
We are always looking for pet loving companies and organizations to align ourselves with in pursuit to grow our family. If your company allows staff to bring their canines to work, and you believe you may benefit from our services, please contact us today.
Rates for corporate dog walking are different from our traditional dog walking rates. To find out further information and how your organization can become part of the Wagtopia family, contact us today.

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Adventure dog walking is made for the dog that needs the outdoors. Dogs, just like people, crave stimulus and few things are more stimulating than a walk for a dog. The outside world is filled with sights, smells, sounds, and additional sensory stimulation that dogs need to feel comfortable in their environment. Adventure dog walking sessions last no less than 2 hours and consist of hikes in the Redwoods, trips to the beach, visits to the lake, and more (weather permitting).
Single Day = $40
5 Day Pass = $190 ($38 per walk)
10 Day Pass = $360 ($36 per walk)

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Wagtopia’s dog walking sessions are far from the normal “dog walk.” Our Care Providers are dedicated to pleasing even the fussiest of dogs and will do what it takes to develop an exercises pattern to fit their needs. Whether it be playing fetch until our arms are sore, taking short but often breaks in the grass beneath a tree, or somewhere in the middle, the highly experienced and vastly adaptive Care Providers at Wagtopia will put in the effort to see a wagging tail. Dog walks and play sessions can last anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes depending on the energy level of your dog(s).
Single Day = $25
5 Day Pass = $120 ($24 per walk)
10 Day Pass = $225 ($22.50 per walk)

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Our basic obedience classes are specifically tailored to dogs 5 months or older with little to no previous training. Our basic obedience class will allow your canine to discover a solid foundation for basic behaviors. Sessions for basic obedience can last anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes and cover the following:
- Coming when called
- Leash-pulling
- Introduction of simple cues such as: “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it”
- Basic household manners

One on One Session – $75 per session
$350 for 5 sessions ($70 per session)
Lesson with Owner – $120 per session

Maintenance Sessions:
Our maintenance sessions are designed for dogs who have previously gone through basic obedience training. To help keep your canine polite, it is beneficial to have them reminded of their education. During Wagtopia’s Maintenance Sessions, our private trainer will come out to your home for a selected number of visits per week, for several weeks, and work with your canine on previous learned skills. Sessions last anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes and consist of loose-leash walking, basic commands, jumping when greeting, and more.
$280/4 weeks, 1 session/week ($70 per session)
$520/4weeks, 2 session/week ($65 per session)

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Trained through Pet Tech, the largest source of Pet First Aid and CPR training globally, Wagtopia offers Pet First Aid and CPR training to the public. Training includes:

- CPR for dogs and cats
- Transporting an injured animal
- Basic First Aid
- How to control bleeding, making splints, allergic reactions
- Dental Hygiene
- Senior Pet Health

Always remember that any first aid administered to your pet should be followed by immediate veterinary care. First aid care is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it may save your pet’s life until it receives veterinary treatment.

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If your pet is in need of light medical assistance, the staff at Wagtopia are here to support you and even train you so you are confident enough to do it yourself. All members have countless years of Veterinary Technician and Veterinarian Assistant experience and are just a phone call a way. There is no charge for medication administered while being cared for during one of our pet sitting services. The medical duties and rates we provide include:

1) Administering Subcutaneous Fluids (Fluid Therapy) = $35/visit

2) Subcutaneous Fluid Demonstration (Step by step learning process for pet parent needing to administer Subcutaneous Fluids at home) = $45/Demo

3) Administrating medication, drops, and insulin = $30/visit

Wagtopia does not prescribe any medications nor make any diagnoses. All medications administered must be provided by the owner and prescribed by a veterinarian.
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